The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: ‘Carl Reiner Talks About His Insecurities’ 1/04/1983

Carl Reiner Talks About His Insecurities on The Tonight Show Starring Jo_

Source:The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson– The great comedian Carl Reiner in 1983.

“Carl Reiner Talks About His Insecurities on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 01/04/1983”

From The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

Watching Carl Reiner spontaneously go into doing Italian opera (especially after claiming he didn’t speak much Italian) I think was probably the highlight of this segment. And then ending with the tabloids was good as well. And I’ll talk about celebrity insecurities as well.

I could see famous, successful celebrities and entertainers being insecure. Marilyn Monroe who never had the mindset, personality, and self-confidence (even with her goddess like appearance) of a 16 year girl is the perfect example of that. Which is probably why she spent the last night of her life a hot, summer, Saturday night in Los Angeles in 1962, all by herself, with nothing but alcohol and prescription drugs to keep her company. And perhaps you know the rest of the story.

I could see a famous successful celebrity who is let’s say worth 100 million dollars by age 35 or something and thinking to themself: “It only gets worst from here. What if  get robbed the next time go on vacation and they take all my money, because I was so stupid and brought my entire fortune with me? What if my next 3 movies, albums, and TV shows all bomb like a Thomas Howell movie festival? What if I buy up some companies and they go bankrupt the day after I take over them and I’m on the hook for all the losses?”

But you would think (if you’re intelligent, sane, sober, not about to work for Kanye West’s presidential campaign) that great entertainers have already calculated in that the reasons why they’re so successful if because they’re very good and very talented, because they’re intelligent (at least in the entertainment business) and they know what they’re dong and why they’re so successful. But maybe that’s just me.

Carl Reiner was talking about the grocery store tabloids that he reads while he’s in line at the well, grocery store. (Not whore house, if that is what you were wondering) The only thing that separates the tabloids whether you’re talking about The National Enquirer, The National Examiner, or what have you, from The Onion is The Onion advertises itself as news satire. The tabloids advertises themselves as news, which is just another one of their lies.

Carl Reiner is always a great interview, because he was so sharp and original. You really never knew what you were getting from him when he went on one of these shows, except that you knew that we was gong to be very quick, sharp, and funny. Which is why he’s one of the greatest comedians and entertainers America has ever produced.

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