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I’m a blogger because I like writing about things I’m interested in and knowledgeable about. Which shouldn’t sound surprising, but blogging provides that immediate outlet for me and other bloggers to weigh in on what they’re thinking about and what they’re interested in. To put down on paper or computer words and feelings that they may struggle to get out of their mouths on the spot. To be able think about things and then express them. That is what blogging and writing is about, at least when it comes to commentary. Writing as a reporter or biographer, is a bit different. Because it’s not so much about what the writer feels that is relevant unless they’re being asked about it. But what’s more important is what they know and how they know that based on their reporting. An opportunity for blogger commentators to get things off their chest that perhaps they’re not able to do simply by speaking to people. That is my favorite thing about blogging to be able to immediately get things off my chest that I’m thinking about. Blogging is the perfect form of communication for me, because I’m interested in so many different things and frankly knowledgeable about them. I write mostly about current affairs. Government and politics, public policy, history, but I’m also interested in sports especially sports history, as well as movies especially classic Hollywood and entertainers. Especially entertainers who’ve been around a long time and are from classic Hollywood. Today’s Hollywood and entertainment, not so much, but that is a subject for another piece. And when you’re a blogger and you just read something that got your attention and were really interested in from either a positive or negative standpoint, or perhaps you just saw a movie or saw some story and you’re really interested in and knowledgeable about what you just saw, you can immediately weigh in on what you just saw. I mean to be a blogger all you really need is a computer and have something to say. Being able to write helps as well. That is what blogging and writing is to me. The ability for people to write what they’re thinking and how they feel, as well as what they know. Which is the most important thing here, because even commentators need to know what they’re talking about to be successful and make a living at that. Whether they write or talk on TV or radio, or a combination of all those things. That is what I’m going to do here and if you’re someone who has multiple interests and are interested in things besides who the latest hot celebrity is and who that person is seeing and why they’re in trouble now, or what the latest new technology is, then I hope you check out this blog. Because I cover a lot of different things here and not just government and politics, but history including Hollywood history and to a certain extent what’s going on there today. And you might even see a few pieces about so -called celebrity culture, but just from a a satiric viewpoint.

CNN: Inside Politics: ‘Donald Trump’s House GOP Allies Travel To New York To Discredit Manhattan DA’

Source:CNN– U.S. Representative Jim Jordan (Republican, Ohio) vs Manhattan, New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Source:The New Democrat “House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are exemplifying the lengths they are willing to go to discredit Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s … Continue reading

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Real Time With Bill Maher: ‘Monologue: Time’s Up for Governor Cuomo’

Source:Real Time With Bill Maher– talking about the downfall of Governor Andrew Cuomo (Democrat, New York) Source:The New Democrat “Bill recaps the top issues of the week, including Barack Obama’s birthday plans and the growing pressure on NY Gov. Andrew … Continue reading

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Jack Bauer: Falling Down (1993) Park Beggar Scene

Source:Jack Bauer– Michael Douglas at his best. Source:The New Democrat “Falling Down – Park Beggar Scene (1080p) Pretty funny scene.” From Jack Bauer The title of this scene could’ve been “how to spot a phony” because that’s exactly what William (played … Continue reading

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Emma Lover: Julia Roberts & Billy Crystal- America’s Sweethearts (2001)

Source:Emma Lover– Billy Crystal and Julia Roberts in America’s Sweethearts (2001) Source:The New Democrat “Emma Roberts in America’s Sweethearts 2001. Emma is the girl with a purple shirt in the back.” From Emma Lover Just to give you a little background … Continue reading

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CNN: Chris Cillizza: ‘Why Wokeness Is The Biggest Threat to Democrats in 2022’

Source:CNN– Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrat, New York) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, California) the two Democratic leaders of Congress. Source:The New Democrat “As Democrats gear up for the 2022 midterms, they know their biggest challenge likely comes … Continue reading

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CBS Sports: NFL 1986- Super Bowl 21- New York Giants vs Denver Broncos

Source:CBS Sports– Rose Bowl Stadium welcomes you to Super Bowl 21, between the New York Giants and Denver Broncos. No one else actually said that, other than me, that I’m aware of anyway. Source:The New Democrat “Super Bowl XXI – … Continue reading

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Afro Marxist: ‘Angela Davis on Cuba, Fidel Castro and the U.S Embargo’

Source:Afro Marxist– Professor and New-Left political activist Angela Davis, talking about Cuba. Source:The New Democrat “Angela Davis talks about her experiences in Cuba and her feelings about Fidel Castro. She discusses Cuban Americans and her opposition to the US embargo.” … Continue reading

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Michael Smerconish: ‘Cuba Libre’

Source:Michael Smerconish– talking about Cuba. Source:The New Democrat “In response to recent mass protests in Cuba, Biden called the nation a “failed state” and communism a “failed system.” Christopher P. Baker, a travel journalist, tour guide, and Cuba expert, joins … Continue reading

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CNN: Rosemary Church: ‘Thousands Demand Freedom in Cuba’s Largest Demonstration in Decades’

Source:CNN– Cubans protesting against their Communist Regime. Source:The New Democrat “Thousands have gathered in Cuba to protest a lack of freedom and the country’s worsening economic situation in the largest mass demonstration in decades. CNN’s Patrick Oppmann reports from Havana.” … Continue reading

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CNN: Anderson Cooper- George Conway: ‘Amid All The Lies, Donald Trump Told One Fundamental Truth’

Source:CNN– anchor Anderson Cooper, interviewing Washington Conservative attorney George Conway, about former President Donald J. Trump. Source:The New Democrat “Conservative attorney George Conway discusses President Trump’s lies about the January 6th insurrection during an interview with Fox News.” From CNN The … Continue reading

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