ATHENAISM: ‘Why Is John F. Kennedy so Popular?’

Why Is John F_ Kennedy so Popular_

Source:ATHENAISM– Depends on who you ask for JFK’s popularity

Source:The New Democrat 

“John F. Kennedy is one of the most popular US presidents. Was he as good as people remember him being? What exactly is it that makes him so popular?”


Why Is John F_ Kennedy so Popular_ - Google Search

Source:Caleb and Linda Pirtle– John F. Kennedy: I believe in 1960, when he was running for President. But I don’t know for sure.

Why is John F. Kennedy so popular? It depends on who you ask and who you’re talking about.

As a Classical Liberal ( a real Liberal ) myself I like JFK and consider him to be one of my political heroes, because of his politics and policies. You’re talking about a Democrat who was not just an anti-Communist, but anti-authoritarian, and an anti-collectivist all together. Who actually believed in economic opportunity, individual freedom, personal responsibility, like all real Liberals that liberty is not just worth defending, but is something that has to be defended. He believed in equal rights, equal opportunity, fiscal responsibility, things that Democrats apparently don’t believe in today ( for the most part ) with few exceptions. President Barack Obama, being one of the last of those Democrats. Despite his right-wing Tea Party stereotypes that President Obama was actually a Socialist.

But as I mentioned last week on this blog about JFK’s rules for success, he wasn’t just a brilliant man, but a man ( at least as far as how he spoke ) was full of such brilliant commonsense. Brilliant commonsense probably sounds like a great economy car: how great can an economy car be, otherwise it wouldn’t be an economy car, but he’s so quotable because he said things that sound brilliant at first, but then when you think about it they’re really just commonsense that too many people had simply forgot about. His peace speech where he’s talking about the shared human values between America and Russia and how it was in both superpowers best interests to cooperate for the good of the planet and our people’s. He’s someone that if you gave speeches for a living and tried to help people improve their own lives with your advice, would want to use JFK by quoting him.

So that’s why I like him so much, but JFK’s popularity of course is bipartisan and perhaps even nonpartisan, otherwise he wouldn’t have an 83% approval rating or whatever the current figure is. Why do Conservatives like him? Why do Socialists ( who call themselves Progressives or Liberals ) like him? Why do even Libertarians like him? And finally, but certainly least: why is Hollywood if not in love with the man ( women and men ) why do they love him?

Conservatives like John F. Kennedy, because he was an anti-Communist, who really didn’t like socialism in any form. He believed in economic freedom, as well as personal responsibility, which is why he pushed for what was certainly back in 1962 a very large across the board tax cut. He believed in a strong defense and that liberty was worth defending.

JFK, believed in things that today would look very conservative, especially with socialism being so popular at least with young Democrats today, but are actually very liberal ( both in a classic and real sense ) but look conservative, again compared with the modern Democratic Party. Back then Liberals were supposed to believe in these things and not sound and believe like Socialists. And Classical Liberals ( the real Liberals ) still believe in these things today.

Why do let’s just call them what they are Socialists, who now see Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Alexandria O. Cortez, Che Guevara, and other leftists as their heroes: why do they admire JFK?

President John Kennedy, wanted to expand the safety net in America and create new social insurance programs for people who struggle to survive economically in America. Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, Federal Aide for Education, because he was a Progressive ( not Socialist ) who believed that government, including the Federal Government could be used to improve the lives of struggling Americans. But unlike let’s say Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders he didn’t think these programs should be universal and that the Federal Government should replace private employers as the source for how Americans get their what most of us call employee benefits: health insurance, paid leave, childcare, life insurance, pension, education, etc. And JFK also talked about the need for peace a lot.

Libertarians, similar to Conservatives like JFK for his beliefs in lower taxation and individual freedom all together. Jack Kennedy, didn’t see the role of government especially the Federal Government to manage and run the lives of free Americans.

And finally, but certainly least why is Hollywood still in love with John F. Kennedy? If you’re familiar with Hollywood, you know that it’s not just the entertainment capital of America ( if not world ) but they’re also the capital of pop culture and faddism. If it’s considered cool, it’s probably because some Hollywood celebrity either started it or got behind it. And because of their faddism and addiction to popularity and hipsterism, Hollywood always feels the need to be popular and cool. They don’t love the man because of his policies for the most part, even though they will talk about his policy accomplishments.

Hollywood loves JFK because he was cool and see him as an honorary member of their Hollywood club. He had friends in Hollywood and they even planned his 45th birthday party in 1962. We’re a big part of the production of his 1961 inauguration. Hollywood has this dying need to be seen with the in-crowd and be associated with anything that’s cool in America. If fascism, Islamism, and Christian-Nationalism ever became popular in America, at least with young people, Hollywood would be promoting those philosophies with their movies and other productions. Which is also why Socialists love JFK, because Socialists tend to be hipsters and follow the cool people as well. Which is why Hollywood claims to love Socialists and socialism as well, because socialism is popular with young people.

To have an 83% approval rating, you either have to be God in a very religious country where even young adults are very religious, or you have to be leading a country that’s just been under attack and you’re the one who successfully led the country through that crisis and came out stronger, like President Franklin Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor in 1941, or you have to be a politician who is so popular, because you’re able to connect with so many people on so many different levels. Which is why John F. Kennedy is still so popular in America.

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HBO: George Carlin- Death Penalty

George Carlin - Death Penalty

Source:HBO– George Carlin: come and get it! 

Source:The New Democrat 

“George Carlin talks about the death penalty, i didn’t see this one up so i thought i might upload it ;] If you like George Carlin, you might want to check out Bill Hicks as well.

Taken from his ‘Back in Town’ special in 1996

This video belongs to HBO and is used under fair use law.”

From HBO

So let see if I can’t get this straight: ( because it would be pointless for me to try to get it gay. LOL ) George Carlin, is in favor of the death penalty for bankers who launder money to drug dealers, but the drug dealers would be off the hook ( so to speak ) just as long as the drug dealers are killing each other. So it’s OK if drug dealers sell their junk ( to keep it clean ) to our children and everyone else who wants to buy it, just as long as they kill themselves as well.

OK, that’s an interesting take, but perhaps just as interesting as the politician who claims you can cut taxes deeply, increase government spending dramatically and that will balance the budget. Sounds like thinking by people who are on marijuana highs and who perhaps got their marijuana from the same drug dealers who George Carlin wants to spare from the death penalty.

Or the other politician who promises the taxpayers a, b, and c, and perhaps the rest of the alphabet and that none of those programs will cost them everything. And at the same time they’re also going to cut their taxes and balance the budget as well. No offense to George: but his death penalty argument sounds like it came from a politician.

I have an alternative: if we’re going to have a death penalty at all, it will just be for the assholes. I know what you’re thinking: America is full of assholes and there’s not enough electricity, poison or ammo to execute every asshole in America. But hear me out: we use the death penalty primarily for the assholes who hurt innocent people simply because they don’t like their race, ethnicity, complexion, religion, sexuality, hair color, complexion, shoes, money, etc. And even if with all the hate crimes in America, we’re still talking about small percentage of the country. And we can even save the taxpayers some money here by giving them guns and telling them that they’re just water guns and let them execute themselves.

This is probably not an argument from anyone who is ever going to get elected to anything ( without Russia’s help ) anytime soon, but doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering.

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Dan Mitchell: ‘Socialism Humor’

Socialism Humor - Google Search

Source:International Liberty– Apparently you’re not allowed to make fun of Socialists, unless everyone can afford to get the joke. LOL

“Given the misery that it has inflicted on the world, it’s just about impossible to think of socialism as a gift.

However, when I want new material for my humor collection, I think of socialism as the gift that keeps on giving. The ideology is such a failure that it creates a target-rich environment for satire.”

Read the rest of Dan Mitchell’s piece

Sen_ Bernie Sanders_ Democratic Socialist Ideas Are Mainstream

Source:The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders- ‘Democratic Socialist Ideas Are Mainstream’– I’ll give Bernie credit for one thing: he believes what he says. 

“Senator Sanders shrugs off Colbert’s suggestion that the word “socialist” taints progressive ideas like universal healthcare and tuition-free college.”

To make fun of Socialists and socialism is pretty easy: you imagine a bunch of people, especially college age people and people just outside of college, as well as 1960s hippies who still think they’re cool, because even though they now have gray hair, they have goatees or beards, as well as long hair ( because no barber in their right mind will cut their hair for free, just because some Socialist believes that all hair cuts should be free ) who promise the world to everyone. And of course there are young women and aging female hippies in this clan as well. And they claim that there isn’t any problem that government can’t solve for them. Well, at least until they run out of someone else’s money, or no other country will lend money to them. ( To paraphrase former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher )

These young and older Socialists go around the country bashing what they see as an evil, immoral, and racist economic system ( that sane, intelligent just know as American capitalism ) with their designer clothes, smartphones. And when they’re not bashing American capitalism, they’re rallying against Halloween or Thanksgiving, or protesting against free speech.

They go around the country bashing an economic system, that produced their designer clothes, Che Guevara t-shirts, smartphones and their other favorite devices, that they’re all addicted too. Over caffeinated and addicted to coffee, because they spend too much of their free time at coffee houses.

Bashing an economic system that produces everything that they love in life, because a 70 plus year old man, with a Brooklyn-Jewish accent says that all of these things in life like college and health care can be free. Without explaining one important catch: just as long as there is always someone around who will pay for all of this so-called free stuff. Or there is some third-world authoritarian regime that will lend us the money to pay for the so-called free stuff, that their own citizens won’t pay for, because they believe they shouldn’t have to pay for services that they receive.

See, making fun of Socialists and socialism is very easy: just imagine young people who are overly romantic and idealist, who simply don’t have enough experience in life yet to understand economics, as well as government and politics, because they don’t have that real world experience yet. As well as being the latest victims of the American education system. Or perhaps they were too busy texting their classmates in class and trying to figure out what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast in Malibu and what shoes she was wearing with her new bag, to actually learn about economics, as well as government and politics.



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MGM: The Big Knife 1955- Starring Jack Palance & Ida Lupino

Jack Palance, Shelley Winters, Jean Hagen, and Ida Lupino in The Big Knife (1955)

Source:Berigan Traylor– From Robert Aldrich 

Source:The New Democrat 

“In this film version of Clifford Odets’ play, Jack Palance plays big-time movie star Charlie Castle, who refuses to sign a binding, $3000 per week contract with mogul Rod Steiger. Steiger tries to blackmail Palance into re-signing by revealing that Palance was behind the wheel during a hit-and-run accident.”

From Rotten Tomatoes

“The original trailer in high definition of the big knife directed by Robert Aldrich and starring Jack Palance, Ida Lupino, Wendell Corey, Jean Hagen and Rod Steiger.”

From HD Retro Trailers

The Big Knife (1955) ORIGINAL TRAILER [HD 1080p]

Source:HD Retro Trailers– Jack Palance and Shelley Winters 

I saw this movie last night ( the TCM version with Ben Mankiewicz ) in preparation for this post ( to give you and idea what we do for our readers at this blog ) and this movie was already one of my favorite movies going in, even though it had three years since I scene it last and it’s not just one of my favorite movies now, but I love the movie even more.

the big knife 1955 - Google Search (1)

Source:Encourage– Jack Palance and Shelley Winters 

Words like great and perfection ( or if you prefer, awesome ) get thrown around a lot and overused a lot, but when I think of great or even perfect movie I think of movies like this. Think about it: great cast when you’re talking about Jack Palance one of the best Hollywood toughmen ever, as well as someone with a real dramatic flare and quick wit. Ida Lupino, not just one of the best actresses of the World War II generation regardless of genre, but one of the best ever and a helluva of a director and one of the first successful female directors ever. Hollywood Hall of Famers like Shelley Winters, and Jean Hagen, playing supportive roles. You’re talking about an all-star team here.

If Jack and Ida aren’t enough for you as far as leads, how about Rod Steiger and Wendell Corry. Steiger to me is sort of the Al Pacino of his generation where he can make small, almost seem unimportant roles and lines look like the best roles that we ever given and lines that were ever written, just because of his delivery. And also like Pacino he can make serious roles and lines seem very funny and have you laughing with him when you’re not supposed to, because of his comedic timing, improvisation, and dramatic ability. Wendell Corry as Stanley Hoff’s chief counsel, is simply one of the best character actors ever: like the great role player on a great basketball team, give him an assignment and he knocks it out of the park, regardless of what it is.

Shelley Winters, essentially plays herself in the movie: the big mouth Hollywood actress who knows too much about too many important people, who is frustrated with her studio bosses, who is as adorable and funny as can be, that everyone wants to be around, just as long as they don’t say anything that could hurt them. Jean Hagen, the beautiful, sexy, adorable slut of a wife who is unhappily married and wants to be involved with a Hollywood Stud like Charles Castle. ( Played by Jack Palance )

The marriage between Charlie Castle and his wife Marion of course is the main event: they both still are in love with each other, but are both very disappointed with each other. Marion, wants Charlie to leave the corrupt studio that is run by Stanley Hoff ( played by Rod Steiger ) and Charlie does too, but is not ready to make that break. And doesn’t like his wife interfering into his career that has made them rich and economically secure.

The Big Knife, is that great and even perfect movie where you have the all-star cast, as well as writing, where the whole story makes sense. And like a great soap opera, it has all the great backstories and subplots behind it with people who have something on someone else and keep each other inline like Stanley keeping Charles inline by not telling the police about a certain accident that he was involved in several years before, just as long as Charles keeps working for him. And other back stories like that. One of the best movies to ever come out of Hollywood, The Big Knife.

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Buffalo Wing Media Bias: Adam Carolla- ‘On Hypocrites From The Hollywood Left’

Adam Carolla on Hypocrites From The Hollywood Left

Source:Buffalo Wings Media Bias– Actress Jennifer Aniston First Lady Michelle Obama, probably at some posh event in Hollywood.

Source:The New Democrat 

“Comedian Adam Carolla exposes Hollywood’s hypocrisy, mainly in the area of taxes and money. When it comes to paying your “fair” share, apparently we should do as they say, not as they do.

Here are a few links to articles referenced in the video:”

From Buffalo Wings Media Bias

Hollywood Left - Google Search

Source:POLITICO– “The new Hollywood left”

Adam Carolla who is a libertarian comedian, laid out perfectly what the so-called Hollywood-Left in America really is and what they’re really about, which is just a bunch of disingenuous Hollywood hypocrites. If they were a softball team, they would be called the Hollywood Hypocrites with a picture of Che Guevara on their t-shirts, arriving to their ballgames in their limos, Rolls Royces, private jets, smoking their Cuban cigars, drinking Champagne instead of Gatorade at their games. Claiming to be down for the cause and against the man. ( Even though a lot of them are the man or woman )

It’s one thing for Joe and Sally Jones or someone else in Smithville, Ohio ( or some place ) who only has a high school diploma, but who is an excellent construction or factory worker who was making before they were laid off or saw their job go to Mexico or some other low-wage country, 50-60 thousand-dollars a year with benefits, to now be talking about the flaws of American capitalism, because they were screwed out of their job and perhaps are now working two part-time jobs or one full-time and a part-time job, or perhaps three part-time jobs just to make a living. That guy or woman has a real case to make, because they just lost their good job in an economic system that does so well for so many people.

But if you’re a multi-millionaire by the time you were in your late 20s, mid 20s, hell, you had your own damn corporation by the time you finished high school or were a child actor and now you have the balls to be talking about how much American capitalism sucks and the rich get away with everything, while the little man, woman, and minorities are getting screwed by the system. Well, aren’t you part of the so-called problem that you say you want to correct?

These full-time entertainers and at best part-time activists and to be more accurate they’re more like actors who play political activists, talk about how much they think American capitalism sucks, while they enjoy every benefit that comes from never having to worry about money ( just as long as they or their accountant doesn’t piss their money away ) and enjoy the life ( as they would call it ) in Manhattan or Los Angeles, while talk about the horrors of homelessness, while they own multiple apartments and houses in multiple cities, in places where you have to be rich just to be able to afford the parking there.

If these Hollywood entertainers really care about the social problems of the country, why don’t they donate a lot of their money to charities to other groups ( not politicians and candidates ) to fix those problems. Set up foundations to deal with poverty, instead of just looking good on TV in some TV spot talking about them. If they think the rich are really getting away with financial murder in America, then maybe they should release their own taxes and we can see how much they pay in taxes each year, how much they deduct from their taxes, what percentage of their multi-million-dollar annual incomes that they donate to charity. Don’t just put your money with your big, fat, mouth is, but put a lot of your money and actually back up what you say. Instead of letting your mouth write checks that your ass can’t or won’t cash.

New York and Hollywood get stereotyped as left-wing ( if not Far-Left towns ) but they’re not. If you had to find the two most pro-capitalist, pro-liberal democracy, pro-American towns and states in America it would probably be New York City and Los Angeles, and New York State and California. Which might sound like someone saying that Seattle, Washington is the capital of sunburns in America. Or no other city gets more blizzards and snow than Miami, Florida.

But think about it: New York City is the capital of Corporate America and therefor American capitalism. Washington, another supposed left-wing or Far-Left city, is the capital of the free world and liberal democracy. Los Angeles, is not just the movie and TV capital of America ( if not the world ) but the entertainment capital of America. ( If not the world ) If these three big American cities are so Far-Left, pro-socialist, and anti-capitalist, then why the hell are they so damn rich and own so many big companies? Why would someone want to do business in a city that hates capitalism and wealth? Of course they wouldn’t, because they would either get taxed or regulated out-of-business, or both.

So, can we stop taking the average run of the mill actor or so-called celebrity seriously, or any actor or entertainer at least when they’re talking about American capitalism and how unfair they claim that it is and that the rich get all the breaks, while the little man and woman continually get screwed by the system.

Actors and entertainers are just that and I’m not trying to be insulting here, but their profession is a convenient tool to use against them when they claim that the rich has too much. If they really think they’re overpaid, then they’re more than welcome to donate a lot of their money to their favorite ( if they have one or do any business at all with any charity ) charity and give up all of their extra homes, fly first class instead of having their own plane, eat their meals at delis and dinners, instead of their favorite posh restaurant in Washington, New York, or Los Angeles.

But until then ( and it finally stops raining in Seattle and they run out of coffee on the same day ) we should take these actors and entertainers only as seriously as they deserve to be taken: which is as actors and entertainers who play a part, because they want to be seen as cool with young people who probably do like socialism and perhaps identify as Socialists. And perhaps because their favorite celebrities claim to hate capitalism and the rich as well.

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Charisma on Command: ‘How To Have Fun Without Drinking’

How To Have Fun Without Drinking

Source:Charisma on Command– It’s easy: just be yourself. Unless you hate yourself and feel the need to get wasted, just to have a good time.

Source:The New Democrat

“How Do I have Fun Without Drinking?”
It can be tough to have fun when you are learning how to not drink when everyone else is. People will peer pressure you incessantly, implying that you’re no fun or a buzzkill. That’s why it’s good to come up with a plan for having fun despite not having anything to drink.

From Charisma on Command

So if you’ve watched this video (…) and decided to quit drinking, take a look at these tips for having a good time when you’re sober and everyone else around you isn’t. Obviously there are a million ways how to have fun without drinking, but the big question is, “How do you do it in an environment where everyone else is?” Hopefully these musings help :-)”

As a nondrinker ( of alcohol ) I’m not sure how I write this without sounding like a prick here, but I’ll give it my best shot, but one of my famous quotes is no promises, so we’ll see how it goes.

Before I’ll layout how to have a good time without drinking alcohol, I’ll first explain why I don’t drink alcohol so you know where I’m coming from.

One of the reasons why I don’t drink alcohol, is one of the reasons why I’m not religious, because I don’t like what it does to people. Which might sound ironic and even contradicting because a lot of the nondrinkers in the world are some of the most religious people because they consider alcohol to be a sin. And here I am as an Agnostic saying that I don’t drink because I don’t like what it does to people.

They say the most honest people who are drunkest and alcoholics. OK, may I only say that, but it’s true because when you drink alcohol, you lose braincells and therefor control of who you are as a person. So what you end up doing when you’re drunk is saying and doing things that you normally wouldn’t do, including making a complete ass out of yourself or even worse. Abusive parents, spouses, romantic partners, bosses are also alcoholics. Not in every case, but in a lot of cases. And also I don’t like the taste of alcohol. So I guess my brain, heart, and my tastebuds thank me every time when I drink a Pepsi, ice tea, or water instead of a beer or another alcoholic drink.

And here is where the sounding like the prick comes in: every time I hear someone say they can’t have a good time without drinking, I take as seriously as the person who says they can’t get through the day without their Starbucks: ( or whatever their favorite coffee house of choice is ) does life really suck that much for you, or do you really dislike yourself that much that you feel the need to sound and look braindead or like an escaped mental patient in order to have a good time?

And then there are the peer pressures for why people not just drink alcohol, but drink to excess. And I go through this in my own personal life with my drinking friends who wonder why I don’t drink and then say: ” I know you don’t drink and I respect that.” Which is their way of saying they don’t respect my choice here. Americans especially hipsters and have this dying need to be cool and be seen as cool. Cool people not just drink, but drink to excess, so other people feel they have to do the same thing in order to be cool in America.

How to have a good time in life without drinking alcohol?

Simple questions deserve simple answers: what do you enjoy in life and who do you enjoy hanging out with? Unless the answer to that question is you enjoy getting drunk and hanging out with other drunks, and playing drinking games, and you respect and like yourself as an individual, you shouldn’t have any issues enjoying life and enjoying your friends in life, without alcohol. Just do the things that you like doing in life and even do them with your friends, but without alcohol.

And this also sounds like me being a prick, but it’s true so I’m going to say this: but the people who feel the need get plastered ( or shit-faced ) in order to have a good time in life, I suggest that they don’t like themselves that much and have real self-confidence and self-respect issues and use alcohol to escape their realities, which just leads to other problems. One of the biggest mistakes that people can make in life and perhaps only intentionally hurting innocent people is only worst, is escaping and ignoring the truth and your own reality in life.

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Evan Carmichael: ‘John F. Kennedy’s Top 10 Rules For Success’

John F_ Kennedy's Top 10 Rules For Success

Source:Evan Carmichael– From some of President John F. Kennedy’s greatest speeches

Source:The New Democrat 

“John F. Kennedy’s Top 10 Rules For Success:

In this video we’re going to learn how to improve our lives by analyzing John F. Kennedy’s rules
for success.”

From Evan Carmichael

The brilliance of what John F. Kennedy talked about in life either as President of before his presidency, even though a lot of what he talked about had to do with public service and his own government service, can be translated into real life and how Americans live their own lives and should live their own lives. Not so much the decisions that they make in life, but how they go about making their own personal decisions.

John F_ Kennedy's Top 10 Rules For Success - Google Search


Move forward

People should not just appreciate what we have, but if anything be more focused on what we have, instead of what we don’t have yet and perhaps will never achieve, but we should always strive to be the best that we can be. To always strive for perfection knowing that we’ll never get there on that road of life, not so we chase our tales and just waste a lot of energy, but to be the best people that we can be. To be the best person, parent, uncle/aunt, sibling, friend, what we do professionally, our hobbies, etc. To be the best people that we can be in life that we possibly can.


To go to President John F. Kennedy’s inauguration: “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Don’t expect people to do for you, what you can’t or are either not willing to do for yourself. You’ll accomplish a lot more in life if instead of waiting around for things in life and for people to do give you things, because you’re simply doing everything for yourself that you can and being the best and most successful person that you can possibly be. In this sense at least, JFK sounds like Ayn Rand here.

High standards

If you want the best out of life, you not only have to work for it, but you have to expect it as well. NFL teams don’t win the Super Bowl by believing they’re not even good enough to get to the Super Bowl. They know going into the playoffs, or at least late in the regular season that they have a really good team and perhaps even a great one and know they’re good enough to win the whole thing. And then set out to do that and execute their goal here. And that’s just one example with education being another one, where you can’t have great schools, teachers, and students if you don’t expect them to be great and hold them accountable when they’re not as good as they can be, or even good enough and not even passing the grade.

Freedom for all

When race, ethnicity, complexion, gender, sexuality, religion become more important in America than the person themself, you have a real problem. And no, I’m not talking about not seeing the biological characteristics about people, because we would have to be blind to miss them, but instead see people as people first and more importantly as individuals and not as a member of any group. Judge people individually and you’ll have a lot more friends, colleagues, mentors in life, then if you took the attitude you don’t like that person’s race, ethnicity, complexion, religion, etc.

Resolve differences?

Not sure I like this rule because not all differences can be resolved; hard to imagine how a Communist becomes a Libertarian and vice-versa. Or how a religious fundamentalist who perhaps even has their own definitions of what their religion is supposed to be that’s not written in any religious text, gives all that up and decides that they’re wrong and religion is actually garbage ( to keep it clean ) and all the sudden becomes an Atheist. Or how an Atheist who is so hardcore and militant with their Atheism to the point that they see anyone who is religious at all as either crazy or is a moron and perhaps even believes that religion should be outlawed, ( like a Communist ) all the sudden decides that they’re not just religious, but a religious fundamentalist. Not all differences can be resolved simply because sometimes the two sides are just too far apart.

I guess my positive note here would be to learn to agree to disagree: instead of focusing on what divides you with someone or other people, how about focusing on what you do have in common ( if anything ) instead. And similar to judging people as individuals and as nothing else, you might find that you have some things in common with that person or people and pick up new friends. And if you’re so far apart with someone or some people that what they stand for offends you, then maybe you should just move on and find new people to associate with. Which would also be better for your blood pressure with fewer intense arguments. Your heart would thank you for that.

Express your beliefs

You want people to know what you believe and who you are as a person, then speak up! Let people into your own world and bring them in to see what kind of person you are. You can’t drive a car until you start it. And you won’t make friends and obtain associates in life, if they don’t know who you are and what skills you bring to the table and what kind of person you are, what you believe, and why you believe it.

Evan Carmichael’s video is called John F. Kennedy’s Top 10 Rules For Success: I gave you six because a lot of his rules actually overlap. Like moving forward, ask not what your country can do for you, and a couple others. And as I said before a lot what Jack Kennedy talked about in life he was doing as a public servant: first as a member of Congress and then as President, but what he talked about as a public servant can be translated into real life as well. Which is one thing that I believe makes him so popular that he was not only so intelligent, but he was readable and easy to listen to. His brain was like a great book of commonsense.

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