Planet Dolan: ’15 Most Offensive Vintage Advertisements Ever’

15 Most Offensive Vintage Advertisements Ever

Source:Planet Dolan– Commercials that only radical feminists and so-called social justice warriors are offended by.

“From rampant misogyny to questionable medical advice, we count fifteen vintage ads that would never see the light of day in the modern world”

From Planet Dolan

At risk of stating the obvious and sounding overly practical: if you don’t like certain ads and advertising, do what smart people do and change the channel or skip the commercial on your computer when something comes up that offends your oversensitive ears and eyes. Or at least that’s what someone who isn’t a candy-ass would do.

And someone who believes that the word bitch is sexist and offensive, shouldn’t be calling a female baby a bitch, which is what the woman in this video did.

Running campaigns against commercials that you don’t like in order to get them censored and eliminated, makes as much sense as campaigning against stores that sell food and drinks that you don’t like.

Could you imagine a group of vegans protesting outside of burger joints and butcher shops, because they want to get those places closed down because they serve meat: you think they would have any success at all, or would that sees as useful as trying to fly to the Moon with a helicopter? I think the ladder would be true, but that’s me.

As far as these commercials: again at risk of stating the obvious the 1950s was a different decade where the culture was a lot more unified and somewhat nationalistic. What might seem bigoted today (to a lot of candy-asses) was perfectly acceptable back then.

Men were supposed to work and pay the bills. Women were supposed to stay home, raise the kids, and take care of the homes. That’s just the way life was back then in America and probably in most of the developed world.

So people today who view themselves as modern who are offended by the the 1950s way of life, that seems like a waste of effort and time today, especially when they have holidays, museums, statues, sports nicknames (that almost no one cares about) that that they could be protesting against instead. (Ha, ha)

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Bernard Goldberg: ‘Donald Trump Isn’t New Anymore- Which is Why He May Lose in November’

Donald Trump Isn't New Anymore — Which Is Why He May Lose in November - Google Search

Source:New York Magazine– “Trump Isn’t Even Good at Inventing Mean Nicknames Anymore”

“Anything can happen between now and Election Day, but if something dramatic doesn’t happen soon, something that works in Donald Trump’s favor, Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

President Trump is losing by wide margins in the latest national polls. He’s losing in battleground state polls. He’s losing among crucial independent voters. And even groups that still support the president — white evangelical Christians, for example — don’t support him to the extent they did in 2016…

From Bernard Goldberg

“Five years on from when President Trump announced he was running for President, and almost four years on from his election, America is unrecognisable. It is gripped by a pandemic, an economic crisis and now a wave of social unrest after the killing of George Floyd.

The polls have been brutal in assessing Donald Trump’s handling of America’s problems. At the moment they suggest he’s on course for a humiliating defeat. But they have been wrong before. What matters is how he performs in a handful of swing states.

US correspondent David Grossman reports from Pennsylvania, the key to Mr Trump’s victory in 2016.”

Is President Trump heading for defeat in November_ - BBC Newsnight

Source:BBC Newsnight– talking about President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

From BBC Newsnight

Until April of this year Bernard Goldberg was one of the staunches opponents of President Donald Trump (at least on the Right) and you could probably categorize him as a Never-Trumper. Until got the memo that he better join the Trump Train and become a member and signed up for the Trump White House to:”Breaking: Bernie Goldberg Joins Trump Admin as “Fake News Czar” So who knows what the hell Bernie Goldberg thinks about anything anymore and perhaps he just did this to get more readers and fans from the Donald Trump base to boost his blog, who knows.

Whether Bernie Goldberg believes anything that he wrote in his latest piece about Donald Trump, his points and argument are very sound: Donald Trump, is no longer new as an American politician or President. The country has gotten a big, nasty taste, of a very nasty man as President and at least according to his both personal and job approval ratings, American voters don’t like the man.

Fox News who just a couple months ago was President Trump’s favorite news network, has him at 39% approval (back in June) and trailing Joe Biden 47-45 today. Fox News by far is the largest news network on the Right today, and the most popular news network overall in America. (Sorry CNN and MSNBC)

In the 2015-16 American voters (at least Independents and blue-collar Democrats) were looking for something new and someone to shake up the system. That fact that Hillary Clinton has always been unpopular as a politician because she’s seen as someone who can’t stick with one position on most issues and tends to sound like she’s speaking from her latest polls (instead of her heart or brain) only reinforced to American Independents that America needed someone different who wasn’t like the politicians that they were accustomed to voting for in the past.

In walks Donald Trump the self-proclaimed billionaire and businessman (neither are true) who said he would run America like his own business and turn America around and as he put it: “Make America Great Again.” And millions of blue-collar Democrats and Independents bought that sales pitch from The Donald and Hillary probably lost 5-10% of her own party, with another faction of Democrats voting for the Socialist Green Party candidate Jill Stein or not voting at all (too busy staring at their phones and computers and watching reality TV to bother to vote) and The Donald wins the Electoral College by 3 states.

4 years later 300 plus million Americans know what kind of President Donald Trump is and the results of his presidency so far and what the country looks like now, especially economically with double-digit unemployment, as well as a recession. And The Donald is running a reelection campaign against Joe Biden, because he can’t run a reelection campaign on his own record and he believes the only way to beat the former Vice President is to make Biden seem as unpopular as he is.

What Donald Trump had going for him 4 years ago, is gone in 2020: he’s not the new guy on the block anymore whose going to shake things up. He’s already done that and now has 55-60% of the country saying they kinda liked their drink before it was shaken and stirred, or at least they liked more before The Donald messed with it. And they like Joe Biden more than Donald Trump.

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The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: ‘Shelly Winters Dumps Her Drink All Over Oliver Reed (1975)’

Shelly Winters Dumps Her Drink All Over Oliver Reed on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Source:The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson– Oliver Reed, having a drink on Shelly Winters, on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. (Pun intended)

“Shelly Winters Dumps Her Drink All Over Oliver Reed on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 09/26/1975”

From The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

Watching the exchanges between Hollywood Goddess Shelly Winters and British actor Oliver Reed, is like watching some talk show on what’s called cable news in America, where you can’t concentrate on what anyone is saying, because neither side will let the other talk or make more than one point for ten seconds, before the other rudely interrupts or calls the other a name, but Shelly and Oliver Reed are a helluva lot smarter. With the so-called talk show host or moderator enjoying every moment of the wrestling match thinking their ratings are going up.

Shelly Winters was the classic buttinsky in this segment and Oliver Reed wasn’t having any of it. It was his time to talk to Johnny Carson and promote what he was doing and she being Shelly Winters the great comedian and gossiper who was so cute and even immature and apparently sitting down and being quite for 10 minutes for her is like asking Donald Trump not to say anything at one of his so-called press conferences. (Sorry, my only political joke in this piece) And she kept jumping into what Johnny and Ollie were saying.

And this really annoyed Oliver Reed to the point that he made this segment about what I guess he would call aggressive, annoying women, who don’t know that their place in the world is to shut up when the men are talking. And Shelly wasn’t having any of that and she dumped her (perhaps alcoholic) drink on him. That, plus the dialogue and verbal jabs between Shelly and Ollie made for a very funny segment on The Tonight Show.

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The Carol Burnett Show: ‘The Candidates’ Wives from The Carol Burnett Show’

The Candidates' Wives from The Carol Burnett Show

Source:The Carol Burnett Show– Do you know who The Carol Burnett Show is named after? Any guess at all? You don’t all have to speak at once. LOL

“Walter Windrum’s Wonderful World of Women welcomes the wives of rival politicians, who wind up in a major cat fight!”

From The Carol Burnett Show

At risk of sounding sexist and chauvinistic (to politically correct candy-asses) if only American voters knew who the wives of politicians were really like, then maybe American politicians wouldn’t seem less popular than telemarketers, trial lawyers, spam callers, and bankers.

The political wives husbands could say: “I might be a crooked asshole whose never made a decision without taking a poll first or seeing how much money I could raise off it first, but look at my wife! You really think I’m that bad: how many times have you seen me dump coffee on my opponents, or pull their toupees off?”

American voters or at least the 125% or so of the voting public who aren’t too busy staring at their smartphones and computers, or looking at reality TV or spending all of their time at coffee houses, who actually have some idea who they’re voting for before they vote for them and don’t just vote for someone because they have the same I-phone, or listen to the same music, those rare breed of American voters who actually cares about American politics and government might say: “Hey, our politicians might suck, but look who voted for them and it could be helluva lot worst: their wives could be in office instead.” Or at the very least that’s the message I get from this great Carol Burnett skit.



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Big Think: Ian Bremmer- ‘Donald Trump Is Not The Problem: He’s The Symbol of 4 Bigger Issues’

Big Think: Donald Trump

Source:Big Think– But he’s the biggest exploiter of the problem.

“If the problem was just Trump, it wouldn’t be happening in other places around the world, says political scientist Ian Bremmer. All sorts of advanced industrial democracies have people getting angrier and voting more and more against the establishment.Even when their economies are doing well, four factors exist that rip at the fabric of civic nationalism. What’s surprising, however, there is one developed country that isn’t having such issues. What can we learn from them?”

From Big Think

I agree with Ian Bremmer that Donald Trump didn’t create the current political chaos and hyper-partisanship in America. he’s just the biggest and perhaps the most successful exploiter of it.

If Governor George Wallace (the father of Donald Trump’s political movement) ran for President in 1964, 68, 72, and 76 as a Republican instead of a Democrat, he would’ve been laughed at and wouldn’t have come close in any state in the Republican primaries, perhaps not even in Alabama.

If someone ran a Far-Right populist campaign for President as a Republican even as late as 2012, someone like a Michele Bachmann or even a Rick Santorum, their campaigns would’ve barely gotten off the ground. Michele Bachmann’s campaign was over by December, 2011, Rick Santorum did win Iowa, but Mitt Romney pretty much had the nomination by March, 2012.

Donald Trump’;s campaign was seen as a reality TV joke in the summer of 2015 and by late 2015 he was starting to look like a real force and started winning one primary after another in early 2016 and to the Republican nomination.

So what changed and what made Donald Trump so successful?

A very divided Republican Party in 2015-16 with a large field of candidates that allowed for someone like a Trump whose is very entertaining and fascinating and extremely unusual to come in and win those primaries with just 30-35% of the vote in a lot of those primaries.

A divided Democratic Party that probably saw Hillary Clinton as their best candidate, but where maybe 4-10 Democrats wanted the Far-Left Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders (who is not even a Democrat) to be their nominee and with the Sanders base never really embracing Clinton and with a of mainstream Democrats (such as myself) never really taking Donald Trump and his campaign seriously and spent a lot of our time just making the fun of the man and his supporters.

Hillary not even bothering to campaign in states that she had to win like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc, American voters to embarrassed to admit they’re voting for Donald Trump and someone like a Donald Trump can come in and win the Electoral College by a few states with 46% of the poplar vote.

And you get a President Donald Trump instead of a President Hillary Clinton. And this long national nightmare that Democrats and Independents, Never-Trumper Republicans,  have been living through for the last 42 months is still with us.

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The Dick Cavett Show: ‘Christian Views on Abortion and Homosexuality’

Christian Views on Abortion and Homosexuality _ The Dick Cavett Show

Source:The Dick Cavett Show– Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey, on The Dick Cavett Show in 1970.

“Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey debates with Jane Fonda over his stance on other beliefs and atheism, and discusses the laws surrounding homosexual relations and abortion.

Date aired – March 13, 1970 – Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, Henry Fonda, Michael Ramsey and Mort Sahl”

From The Dick Cavett Show

Perhaps someone who is older or has a better sense of American political history than me knows this better, but I don’t believe the terms Christian-Right, Christian-Conservatives, Christians-Conservatism was used in America at least until the late 1970s and into the 1980s, when abortion, homosexuality, women’s place in the word were such huge issues in American politics, but these folks even has a political movement have always been with us, at least in the television age.

Pre- 960, America was living in Phyllis Schlafly’s, Beaver Cleaver’s, Ozzie and Harriet’s Utopian America, where the woman’s job was to raise her kids that she had with her husband: perhaps go to college and get a good job before marriage, but after she was married she was to quit her job and be a housewife for the rest of her life and take care of her kids, husband, and home.

Gays weren’t locked in a closet, but were locked in mental institutions and even in jails, if they were out and proud of their homosexuality. Non Anglo-Saxon-Protestants, including Italian, Jewish, and Latino-Americans, were seen as second-class citizens in America, not equal to English-Protestants. Not just African-Americans or Asian-Americans who were seen as inferior to Anglo-Saxons and Caucasians in general in America. But anyone who wasn’t Northern-European, Protestant, straight, and male.

The 1960s Counter-Culture that Hollywood Goddess Jane Fonda both as an actress and filmmaker, but as a political activist as well, blew up Phyllis Schlafly’s Christian-Fundamentalist Utopia up and what we started seeing in the early 1970s was what we call the Christian-Right or Christian-Nationalists today, started fighting back and speaking out against the Counter-Culture and the personal freedom movement that was going on back then and wanting a return to their traditional America. And you see a little of that in this interview.

You can also see this post at FRS FreeState, on WordPress.

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CBPP: ‘Policy Basics: Where Do Federal Tax Revenues Come From?’

What are the sources of revenue for the federal government_ - Google Search

Source:CBPP– How the U.S Government is funded.

“The three main sources of federal tax revenue are individual income taxes, payroll taxes, and corporate income taxes. Other sources of tax revenue include excise taxes, the estate tax, and other taxes and fees.”

From the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities

“Did you know that the U.S. federal government collects more than $3 trillion in taxes each year? Where does all that money come from? Find out in this short video…

Where Does the Federal Government Get All That Money_

Source:PragerU– is actually right about something.

From Prager U  

Before I get into this about the United States national debt and budget deficit, as well as taxes, there’s a long backstory to why I’m even writing this piece this week that I feel I need to get into. And I’ll try not to bore anyone to sleep with, or at least not into a coma.

One of the things that I love about Twitter and social media in general, is also one of the things that I hate about it. Social media is an excellent source for blog posts as far as what to write about. Perhaps not so much the information and opinions that come from it. And this latest Twitter debate that I’ve been in for the last week is a perfect example of that, but a great place for bloggers to use when they’re looking for something to blog about.

There was a tweet last week from the Peterson Foundation (Thursday, or Friday) who I follow on Twitter, because they believe fiscal responsibility and care about the national debt and budget deficit.

And their tweet was about how much the deficit and debt has grown just recently. I liked the tweet and replied I’m paraphrasing: “This means fiscal conservatism is almost dead in America and you can’t just blame Democrats for high deficits and debt and say that only they balloon the debt.”

Someone replied to me and said (paraphrase): “Its good that fiscal conservatism is dead.” Within hours and replies back and forth this actually became a debate about how government gets its revenue with the person I was debating actually claiming that taxes aren’t used to fund government at all.

Before I was making the point to him if we don’t need taxes to fund government and could borrow and spend indefinitely, then we don’t need taxes at all to pay for government. I was playing the devil’s advocate: I don’t believe that America has unlimited borrowing and spending authority, but this guy apparently does without actually saying that.

Maybe this guy isn’t a taxpayer and has never paid taxes in his life and is simply not aware of them and what they’re for. And maybe the next time I look at the Moon, there will be someone who waves at me from the Moon. (Since we’re speculating) I don’t know how an honest, intelligent, sane, and sober person, who pays taxes, can actually make the argument that government doesn’t gets its revenue through taxes and doesn’t spend the taxes that it collects.

So what are taxes for? To finance the government services that we have.

Who pays taxes? Anyone who earns money and earns a living, as well as anyone who purchases things for their living and lifestyle. Everything from food, to transportation, to luxury items. And again we pay these taxes at the Federal, state, and local levels, to pay for the government services that we receive.

The only reasons, facts, and evidence that you need to know that the U.S. Government or any other national or federal government in the world doesn’t have unlimited borrowing and spending authority, is that every government in the world (at least in the developed world) is funded through taxes and taxation. And in almost every case by the individuals who live in those countries.

If these government’s and countries’s, including America had unlimited borrowing authority, they wouldn’t need taxes to fund themselves, because they could run up unlimited deficits and debts by simply printing and borrowing all of their revenue. In case anyone is actually interested in facts and real evidence about taxation and government, as well as debt and deficits.



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Rodney Dangerfield: ‘Discusses Origin of No Respect (1973)’

Rodney Dangerfield Discusses the Origin of “No Respect” (1973)

Source:Rodney Dangerfield– on CBS’s What’s My Line in 1973.

“Rodney appears as the mystery guest on a 1973 episode of “What’s My Line?”, where he tells the story about how he came up with his iconic line, “I don’t get no respect”.

From Rodney Dangerfield

We had a post on The New Democrat yesterday (that I actually read, even though I didn’t write it) about Carl Reiner being on The Tonight Show n 1983 and talking about his insecurities. I’m not mentioning Carl Reiner here to show no respect to Rodney Dangerfield since this post is about The original Dangerman, but to make a broader point about Hot Rod’s no respect routine.

Rodney Dangerfield, if he’s not in the first class of the greatest comedians ever or in the first car on a train of the greatest comedians, the first class, (however you want to put it) his foot is just on the outside of those levels. And yet his whole shtick was about him not having enough respect in life as a performer or anything else.

He’s like the guy who reaches the mountaintop in life and automatically assumes he’s going to hit a loose rock and fall a thousand feet to the ground. The guy whose just bought a great sports car worth 100,000 dollars and automatically assumes it gets totaled or stolen the day he drives it home. The man who thinks he’s going to go bankrupt even though he’s worth a 100 million, the day after he moves into his new mansion.

Finland is stereotyped for having a lot of depressed people and maybe that’s just because of the arctic weather that it gets that depresses so many Fins, but Rodney Dangerfield sounds like a great candidate for a Finnish mental hospital to be treated for depression. (The Fins are apparently the experts on depression) Literally one of the greatest comedians ever and yet his whole act (and that’s exactly what it have been) was about him getting no respect.

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The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: ‘Carl Reiner Talks About His Insecurities’ 1/04/1983

Carl Reiner Talks About His Insecurities on The Tonight Show Starring Jo_

Source:The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson– The great comedian Carl Reiner in 1983.

“Carl Reiner Talks About His Insecurities on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – 01/04/1983”

From The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

Watching Carl Reiner spontaneously go into doing Italian opera (especially after claiming he didn’t speak much Italian) I think was probably the highlight of this segment. And then ending with the tabloids was good as well. And I’ll talk about celebrity insecurities as well.

I could see famous, successful celebrities and entertainers being insecure. Marilyn Monroe who never had the mindset, personality, and self-confidence (even with her goddess like appearance) of a 16 year girl is the perfect example of that. Which is probably why she spent the last night of her life a hot, summer, Saturday night in Los Angeles in 1962, all by herself, with nothing but alcohol and prescription drugs to keep her company. And perhaps you know the rest of the story.

I could see a famous successful celebrity who is let’s say worth 100 million dollars by age 35 or something and thinking to themself: “It only gets worst from here. What if  get robbed the next time go on vacation and they take all my money, because I was so stupid and brought my entire fortune with me? What if my next 3 movies, albums, and TV shows all bomb like a Thomas Howell movie festival? What if I buy up some companies and they go bankrupt the day after I take over them and I’m on the hook for all the losses?”

But you would think (if you’re intelligent, sane, sober, not about to work for Kanye West’s presidential campaign) that great entertainers have already calculated in that the reasons why they’re so successful if because they’re very good and very talented, because they’re intelligent (at least in the entertainment business) and they know what they’re dong and why they’re so successful. But maybe that’s just me.

Carl Reiner was talking about the grocery store tabloids that he reads while he’s in line at the well, grocery store. (Not whore house, if that is what you were wondering) The only thing that separates the tabloids whether you’re talking about The National Enquirer, The National Examiner, or what have you, from The Onion is The Onion advertises itself as news satire. The tabloids advertises themselves as news, which is just another one of their lies.

Carl Reiner is always a great interview, because he was so sharp and original. You really never knew what you were getting from him when he went on one of these shows, except that you knew that we was gong to be very quick, sharp, and funny. Which is why he’s one of the greatest comedians and entertainers America has ever produced.

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Mannix: Gail Fisher- As Peggy Fair

IMDB - Gail Fisher As Peggy Fair - Google Search

Source:IMDB– Hollywood Babydoll Gail Fisher, as Peggy Fair.

“A classy, smart-looking African-American actress who broke racial barriers in 1970s Hollywood but suffered greatly in her private life years after her TV glory days, award-winning actress Gail Fisher was born on August 18, 1935, in Orange, New Jersey, the youngest of five children.

Her father, a carpenter, died when she was only two years old and the family was destitute, living in the slums (“Potters Crossing”) with their widowed mother Ona Fisher.

Gail was a cheerleader as a teen and found some joy performing a leading role in one of her Metuchen High School plays in Metuchen, New Jersey. Beauty pageants became a source of pride during this period, earning distinction on the beauty-pageant circuit and becoming the first African-American semifinalist in the New Jersey State Fair beauty contest. A multiple pageant winner, among her titles were “Miss Transit,” “Miss Black New Jersey” and “Miss Press Photographer.”


“Mannix was on the ropes at the end of its first season. The action series about a detective working for a high-tech agency called Intertect was not clicking with audiences. Desilu Productions and creator Bruce Geller made significant changes to the concept as the show headed into season two in the fall of 1968. Now, Joe Mannix was a private detective assisted by a trusty sidekick, Peggy Fair, played by Gail Fisher…

Gail Fisher of 'Mannix' was the first black actor with a speaking part in a national commercial

Source:METV– Gail Fisher, winning an Emmy for her role as Peggy Fair in 1970.


“Mike Connors and Gail Fisher in “Mannix”.

Those Were the Days

Source:Those Were The Days– Mike Connors and Gail Fisher in Mannix.

From Those Were The Days

“Mannix Intro” Peggy Fair And Joe Mannix (Remembering) Mike Connors And Gail Fisher”

_Mannix Intro_ Peggy Fair And Joe Mannix (Remembering) Mike Connors And Gail Fisher

Source:Lerone Baker– Hollywood Gail Fisher as Peggy Fair.

From Lerone Baker 

If there is one major reason why I’m a night owl who struggles to go to bed before 4AM every night, (thanks METV, for keeping me up so late) it’s because of shows like Mannix and in particular Peggy Fair (played by Hollywood Babydoll Gail Fisher) who was not just a beauty queen, but a cutie queen as well.

Not often back then in the late 1960s and early 70s when Mannix was on for the most part did you see Hollywood actresses that were not only so beautiful and sweet looking, but who had major roles, and were so sharp. I generally don’t make my writing about race or ethnicity, but Gail Fisher was the only African-American actress back then with those characteristics on TV. You had Pam Grier (the queen of the badass chick genre) as the female badass in the movies and perhaps a few other African-American actresses and Gail Fisher on TV during the 1970s.

You put a list together of the best-looking TV secretaries ever and Peggy Fair (played by Gail Fisher) would be in my top three, along with Della Street (played by Barbara Hale) and Jennifer Marlow (played by Loni Anderson) and I think Jennifer (from WKRP) is the best-looking of the three, but Peggy is one of the best TV secretaries ever and one of the best TV secretaries ever.

Peggy was so cute, so pretty, so sharp, so witty, so loyal to her man Joe Mannix (played by Mike Connors) that you would think that they were not just married, but actually in love. When an impossible case would come to the Mannix office, Joe would politely say no, but Peggy could see how desperate the potential client is and talk Joe into taking the case by giving him the puppy eyes (that only babydoll’s can do) and he would not just take the case, but solve the case with a lot of help from his dedicated and sharp secretary Peggy Fair.

You put together a list of the best private eye TV shows ever and Mannix would be towards the top of the list, along with The Rockford Files, Cannon, Magnum PI, Knight Rider, and perhaps a few others, but after the first season Mannix was in the dump as far as ratings, but then along comes Gail Fisher who didn’t save the show by herself as Peggy Fair, but her along with the change in format with Joe Mannix now as an independent private eye, gave the show a lot more chemistry and freedom that it didn’t have before and went on for another 7 seasons after season one. And Gail Fisher is a huge part of that.

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