CNN: Anderson Cooper- George Conway: ‘Amid All The Lies, Donald Trump Told One Fundamental Truth’

CNN Anderson Cooper- George Conway_ 'Amid All The Lies, Donald Trump Told One Fundamental Truth'Source:CNN– anchor Anderson Cooper, interviewing Washington Conservative attorney George Conway, about former President Donald J. Trump.

Source:The New Democrat

“Conservative attorney George Conway discusses President Trump’s lies about the January 6th insurrection during an interview with Fox News.”

From CNN

The way I would argue what I believe George Conway was saying here, is that former President Donald Trump is proud of what his supporters did for him on January 6. I don’t think it’s so much democracy as President Trump hates, but the fact that he lost and has become what he hates the most and what his father always told him never to be, which is a big loser.

If President Trump won last November, The Donald wouldn’t be criticizing democracy and free elections, but instead would be saying that this proves that democracy works and the people have spoken. But the fact that The Donald not only lost, but lost two states that Republicans haven’t lost since 1992 which is Georgia and Arizona and that The Donald is a one-term President because he lost reelection is something that The Donald can’t live with without being very loud about has angry he is because he lost last November.

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CNN: ‘See What CPAC Attendees Told Donie O’Sullivan About Donald Trump

CNN_ 'See What CPAC Attendees Told Donie O'Sullivan About Donald TrumpSource:CNN– what CNN is paying Donnie O’Sullivan to talk to Trump supporters, he’s getting underpaid.

Source:The New Democrat

“CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan talks to attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas as former President Donald Trump’s shadow looms over the gathering. Later, conservative analyst Bill Kristol talks to CNN’s John Berman about how the conference has become the true refection of the Republican party.”

From CNN

Last time I looked, CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference, but someone should explain to me what is conservative about not believing in and accepting reality. Apparently the most conservative people in America are people who are least in touch with reality. And have weakest feet on the ground on Planet Earth.

This is not CPAC, but Donald Trump’s National Reality Show and an everyday look in the life and look at what Donald Trump is thinking about and looking into, where election results don’t matter, where violence is OK if it comes from your side and is targeted at the other side. Where are Barry Goldwater and Bill Buckley Republicans (the real Conservatives) when we need them?

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CNN: Upfront- Republican Strategist Mike Shields Stuns Poppy Harlow

CNN_ Upfront- Republican Strategist Mike Shields Stuns Poppy HarlowSource:CNN– Poppy Harlow trying to have a discussion with House Minority Leader strategist Mike Shields, but Shields just being there to deliver his talking points.

Source:The New Democrat

“Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) threatened to remove Republicans from their committee assignments if they joined the select committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection, according to multiple Republican sources.”

From CNN

I get the political problems that face House Republicans here. If January 6 is investigated and we learn about all the Trump supporters that were part of the insurrection, that could hurt House Republicans with Independents and even with Center-Right Republicans as they are running for election and reelection in 2022.

But the flip side of this political coin for Minority Leader McCarthy and House Republicans is the longer we don’t know what happened on January 6, the longer this story is going to be in the news, because the longer the national media, Congressional Democrats, (House and Senate) and the U.S. Justice Department is going to want to investigate this national news story which was the attack on our U.S. Congress simply for doing their jobs on January 6.

It’s that old cliche when you are in a hole, stop digging. What smart lawyers do when they know there is some really bad evidence out there against their client and they have access to that evidence, they release that information themselves and then try to put the best spin on it. Because the longer you hold out on it, the worst you look later on, especially if it looks like you were trying to cover it up.

What Mike Shields was doing is the opposite of disclosure. House Republicans are trapped in a hole here and instead of trying to climb out of it and put this story to bed as soon as possible (like at midnight, instead of 5AM) they bring in whole new crew of hole diggers and new shovels and try to trap themselves in the hole instead. Which is a really bad political play on their part. The longer they try to cover up January 6. the more it will hurt them in 2022.

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Last Week Tonight: John Oliver: ‘The National Debt’

Last Week Tonight_ John Oliver- 'The National Debt'Source:Last Week Tonight– with John Oliver on America’s national debt.

Source:The New Democrat

“The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.”

From Last Week Tonight

For anyone who is truly interested in the national debt (which is all of our national budget deficits that are piled on in total) you should first be looking at who you are voting for every two years, first. And if you are not voting at all, you probably couldn’t give a damn about the national debt, but if you do vote on a regular basis, look at the people you are electing and reelecting first and then go from there.

If you are voting for people who truly believe in fiscal responsibility (Democrat or Republican) and you are voting for people who generally vote against deficit spending, simply because it’s deficit spending and refuse to vote against legislation in Congress that raises the deficit and debt, then fine, because you are doing your part to keep the debt and deficits down.

But if you say that you care about the national debt and deficit, but vote for people who could care less about the debt and deficit and only say that they do because they think you are an idiot who would vote for a blind man to land their plane for them (because who needs vision anyway) and then you reelect the asshole that knows you are an asshole for electing them, then whose fault is it for the deficit and debt? How about the person that you see in the mirror everyday? (Just throwing a thought out there)

To paraphrase the great political satirist George Carlin: we get the politicians that we vote for. If you don’t like the politicians that we have and you are voting for them anyway, you are shooting yourself in the foot, while staring at your feet as you are shooting yourself in the feet.

I’m not a fan of either Republicans or Democrats when it comes to fiscal responsibility, but I dislike Republicans, especially in Congress more on this issue, because at least the Democrats are honest in the sense that they don’t care about the national debt and deficit and are fairly honest about it. (As honest as politicians go) But Republicans act like fiscal conservatives, but only when there is a Democratic President, especially a Democratic President with a Democratic Congress.

But when Republicans are in power, especially with The White House, they spend other people’s money like drunken sailors celebrating their last night in the service on New Years Eve who have access to all the free alcohol that they can drink before it kills them. And if you don’t believe me, just look at the four years of President Donald Trump where the national debt went up 10 trillion in just four years. Or look at the presidency of George W. Bush where the national debt went up 7 trillion-dollars in his eight years as President.

Just to respond to what John Oliver what he’s saying here: if the national debt and deficit doesn’t matter (which is what he seems to be arguing here) then we can scrap the tax code right now, because Uncle Sam no longer needs our money to pay for his government. And we can just borrow all of our money to pay for all of our government. But the good news is that no serious economist actually believes that.

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CNN: Barbara Starr- ‘Donald Rumsfeld’s Legacy: The Iraq War & September 11th’

CNN_ Barbara Starr- 'Donald Rumsfeld's legacy_ The Iraq war and September 11th'Source:CNN– Donald Rumsfeld: President George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense (2001-06)

Source:The New Democrat

“CNN’s Barbara Starr looks at the life and legacy of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld who died at the age of 88, according to a statement from his family.
No cause of death was immediately provided.

“It is with deep sadness that we share the news of the passing of Donald Rumsfeld, an American statesman and devoted husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. At 88, he was surrounded by family in his beloved Taos, New Mexico,” the Rumsfeld family said in a statement.

“History may remember him for his extraordinary accomplishments over six decades of public service, but for those who knew him best and whose lives were forever changed as a result, we will remember his unwavering love for his wife Joyce, his family and friends, and the integrity he brought to a life dedicated to country.”

From CNN

Before I get into my main point about Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, I just want to say first that I believe he was a very good man and a man who served his country with a lot of courage and served a lot of people very well. His actions post-9/11 are perfect examples of that. As well as his service to President Gerald R. Ford in the mid 1970s.

My main point about Donald Rumsfeld is that if he’s not the face of Neoconservatives and neoconservatism in America, it’s because maybe they can only have one face and that face belongs to Vice President Dick Cheney.

And on a lighter note: when I think of Neoconservatives today, I think of 20 trillion-dollar debts and trillion-dollar deficits, because that’s what it’s taken the last 20 years to fund their foreign and national security policies.

The economic and foreign policy of George W. Bush Administration was essentially guns and butter, financed by a national debt card. They told everyone that we can occupy two foreign, Middle Eastern countries that don’t want us there in the first place, all by ourselves and at home we’re going to double the size of Medicare, (an entitlement program) expand Uncle Sam’s role in public education, cut taxes for everyone, and it’s not going to cost anyone everything, because we have this national debt card and as long as the printer at the Federal Reserve keeps working and prints all of that money, we can do this indefinitely.

That’s what I think of Neoconservatives today and there’s obviously more to neoconservatism than that, but guns and butter and their national card is what they’re most famous for.

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Last Week Tonight: John Oliver: ‘Health Care Sharing Ministries’

Last Week Tonight_ John Oliver- 'Health Care Sharing Ministries' (1)Source:Last Week Tonight– John Oliver talking about health care sharing ministries.

Source:The New Democrat

“Health Care Sharing Ministries, or HCSMs, advertise themselves as a more affordable, faith-based alternative to health insurance. But John Oliver explains some of the massive limitations these plans can have.”

From Last Week Tonight

From what I’ve heard about health care sharing ministries, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them either. But at the same time I don’t smoke anything, but I’m not in favor of outlawing tobacco and I would even legalize marijuana for personal use for adults. I don’t drink alcohol, but I’m not for alcohol prohibition.

I believe in an individualistic free society like America (unlike a collectivist welfare state like Britain, where John Oliver is from) that Americans need to be make their own decisions, short of hurting any innocent person with what they are doing, even if those decisions offends the Far-Left or Far-Right, who believe that Uncle Sam is better qualified to make their own decisions, because Americans are just too damn dumb or immoral to make their own decisions for themselves.

If you don’t want health care sharing ministries, stay the hell away from it and find another way to pay for your own health care.

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Theodore Roosevelt Center: “Before Stonewall: Ariston Bath Raid (1903)’

Theodore Roosevelt Center_ _Before Stonewall_ Ariston Bath Raid (1903)'Source: Theodore Roosevelt Center– Theodore Roosevelt’s connection with the Ariston Bath Raid.

Source:The New Democrat

“While the #Stonewall riots are often seen as the impetus to the gay rights movement, the fight for equality and acceptance began far earlier. In today’s blog post, Karen digs into the Ariston Bath Raid of 1903, and Theodore Roosevelt’s connection.”

From the Theodore Roosevelt Center

“Unlike other cultural groups, the LGBT community has a less visible history, resulting in the assumption that their oppression and fight for equal civil rights has not been long fought. If students learn anything about gay history, they learn about the Stonewall Riots, a demonstration by members of the queer community in response to a violent raid against patrons of the Stonewall Inn 52 years ago on this day. The event is often seen as the impetus for the larger LGBT rights and gay pride movement in the United States, which is why Pride Month is celebrated annually in June. Most Americans’ awareness of gay history beyond Stonewall is minimal though, despite the fact that evidence of gay culture has been recorded since America was a British colony. For this week’s short blog post to close out Pride Month, I wanted to explore a lesser-known moment in the gay rights movement from Theodore Roosevelt’s first term as president — the Ariston Baths Raid of 1903.

Hundreds of sex-segregated bath houses operated in NYC at the turn of the century, spurred by the poor sanitary conditions and limited in-apartment toilets and baths in an increasingly populated city. Turkish baths’ popularity quickly spread from poor immigrants to local ethnic, fraternal and religious organizations, and later hotels and spas, that added steam rooms and massages.”

The New Democrat_ Theodore Roosevelt Center_ _Before Stonewall_ Ariston Bath Raid (1903)'Source:Theodore Roosevelt Center– New York City in 1968.

From the Theodore Roosevelt Center

I think a big problem with American politics in how people operate in it and try to understand it, has to do with political stereotypes. A lot of political junkies like to stereotype racial and ethnic groups as being part of this party or that ideological faction. African-Americans and Jews tend to get stereotyped as leftists because they tend to vote Democrat. And the same thing with Irish-Americans, especially Irish-Catholics. Anglo-Saxons (especially Southern Anglo-Saxons) tend to get stereotyped as Republicans and right-wing, because they tend to be Protestant. When the fact is none of these voting blocks are monolithic when it comes to their political persuasions.

Cities, especially big cities, and even big Northeastern cities like New York City is the same way. New York gets stereotyped as left-wing, because you have Greenwich Village there and you have a lot of left-wing professors, hipsters, writers, and cultural leftist leaders, etc. But people tend to forget the Manhattan is the capital of Corporate America. NYC is also the home of Wall Street, it’s one of the wealthiest cities (not just big cities) in America, at least when it comes to per-capita income. It also has a lot of blue-collar communities, Italians, Irish, Latino, and other ethnic groups there that tend to vote Republican, because they like Republican economic and even cultural policies.

So when NYPD cracked down on gay bars in 1903 and later in 1968, simply because the people there are gay, you shouldn’t be surprised by that. New York has never been a utopia for gays in America or any other minority group. And neither has San Francisco (speaking of big cities) because even though SF is perhaps the most left-wing of any big city in America, gays have been harassed there as well simply because they are gay.

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Michael Smerconish: ‘What is the Appropriate Sentence For Derek Chauvin?’

Michael Smerconish_ 'What is the Appropriate Sentence For Derek Chauvin_'Source: Michael Smerconish– you be the judge?

Source:The New Democrat

“COMMENT what you think the appropriate sentence is!

“It is a given he will do a minimum of 15 years”: NBC News National Reporter Janelle Griffith joins the show to discuss her predictions for today’s sentencing of Derek Chauvin, using Judge Peter Cahill’s track record of rulings as the basis of her analysis.”

From Michael Smerconish

I’m not a lawyer let alone someone who is familiar with Minnesota law, but just looking at what Derek Chauvin was convicted of which was second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter, you would think that Chauvin would be eligible for 20 years in prison for the second degree murder conviction alone. But Chauvin got 22 years total for unintentional murder, third degree murder, and manslaughter. I wasn’t a math major either, but I know that 22 years for three crimes is a little more than seven years for each crime.

The State of Minnesota is not Scandinavia, it’s not Vermont, it’s not Greenwich, New York, it’s not Seattle, it’s not San Francisco. This is not some radical hippie, Far-Left type of state. Minnesota is a middle of the road, middle of the country, Center-Left state, but not a Far-Left state. You would think they would be serious when it came murderers and not slap people on the wrist and ask them not to kill anymore innocent people in the future. Which is what seven years for a third degree and second degree murder and manslaughter essentially is.

I don’t know who Judge Cahill is (the man who sentenced Derek Chauvin) but I believe if the same jury who convicted Chauvin of these horrible crimes were also sentencing Chauvin, the former officer is probably looking at 30 years if not 40 years. (Unless it was a jury of radical hippie leftists) Because it’s hard to imagine a jury who believes a police officer is who guilty of three different types of killings, should probably do real time for it. Not seven years for each crime, which is what Chauvin got.

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CNN: ‘Ted Cruz Accused of ‘Mansplaining’ As Hearing Goes Off The Rails’

CNN_ 'Ted Cruz Accused of 'Mansplaining' As Hearing Goes Off The Rails'Source:CNN– Ted Cruz vs Mazie Hirono on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Source:The New Democrat

“A Senate Judiciary Hearing considering the nomination of Judge Gustavo Gelpí to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals got heated as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) lashed out at chair Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA) and Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), who accused Cruz of misrepresenting her line of questioning.”

From CNN

“Mansplaining (a blend word of man and the informal form splaining of the gerund explaining) is a pejorative term meaning “(of a man) to comment on or explain something to a woman in a condescending, overconfident, and often inaccurate or oversimplified manner”.[1][2][3][4] Author Rebecca Solnit ascribed the phenomenon to a combination of “overconfidence and cluelessness”.[5] Lily Rothman, of The Atlantic, defined it as “explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman.”

From Wikipedia

So according to Senator Mazie Hirono (Democrat, Hawaii) who I’m sure I tend to agree with her more often that I disagree with her (or at least more often than Flyin Ted Cruz, which ain’t saying anything) Senator Cruz was mansplaining her because he disagreed with her on originalism?

If this mansplaining claim is true, this is just one case, one example of why Congress has fewer fans than skunks at weddings. Apparently according to militant feminists, you’re not allowed to contradict a woman in public without someone throwing an insult at you. And oh by the way: I’m not sticking up for Senator Cruz. I don’t call him Flying Ted because I think he’s a great pilot. I’m just pointing out that political bullshit is nonpartisan.

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Michael Smerconish: ‘Democracy or Security?: The Question That Will Re-Elect Donald Trump’

Michael Smerconish_ 'Democracy or Security__ The Question that Will Re-Elect Donald Trump'Source:Michael Smerconish– arguing that if Democrats turn against law enforcement, Donald Trump will come back to power.

Source:The New Democrat

“(YT EXCLUSIVE) What’s more important to you and your family? Democracy, or security? Are we instinctively inclined to protect our own safety and family first?

Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman argues in today’s New York Times that dismantling the police could sink Democrats and lead “way too many” to choose Donald Trump.”

From Michael Smerconish

Michael Smerconish is right in the sense that too many Americans get their news from the people and organizations that they trust politically. But that’s American political world of reality TV where it’s not the truth which is what matters in America for perhaps 40% of the country (Democrats and Republicans) but what’s believable for the hyper-partisans in America, (the Far-Right and Far-Left) and what sounds good to them politically, that they can use as their talking points on social media and perhaps their own personal blogs.

According to Michael Smerconish, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman argued that if the Democratic Party (the current party in power) turns against law enforcement and crime continues to rise in America, that Donald Trump will be elected President again in 2024.

Rising crime will hurt the Democrats, especially if they’re seen as against law enforcement. But I believe a better question will be whether The Donald will even be eligible to run for President or not in 2024. Not just the criminal investigations, but the personal bankruptcies, he may decide to leave the country, perhaps even give up his American citizenship to avoid being prosecuted and facing prison time before 2024 rolls around. Maybe he”ll find his own deserted country and create the State of Donald J. Trump and be put into power there. Hard to lose elections when only your voters are allowed to vote.

Yes, rising crime and attitude that seems anti-law enforcement will hurt Democrats especially in the Midwest in 2022 and 2024. But whether The Donald will even be eligible to run for President, let alone, be physically up to in in 3 years, are questions that are going to have to be answered first well more than half of the country has to worry about another national nightmare known as the Donald Trump Presidency happening again.

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