KD: CBS News See it Now- U.S. Senate Joseph McCarthy Responds to Edward R. Murrow



For the life of me I wonder where Joe McCarthy got his information. Was it someone on his staff. Which is probably likely, but where would that person get their information. Or was it someone from an outside party outside of government. Perhaps a political activist group that was really anti-communist from the right-wing in America. I mean just the stuff, well perhaps that’s too nice. Maybe trash, that would be better, but still not strong enough and I think I know where I’m going here, but what he said about Ed Murrow and trying to link him with some communist group in Russia. I mean is this guy simply a big fat liar? Possible, I mean he was a sitting U.S. Senator. And we all know about all the hot hair in Congress. And not just from the Washington summers.

If Ted Cruz today, who also happens to be a U.S. Senator wants to know why he gets compared to Joe McCarthy, it is because of statements like this from McCarthy. Where you take one negative, or less than flattering piece about someone from the opposition and you try to make it look as negative as you possibly can get way with. You overly distort what someone said and take it way out of context. You take one line from one statement from one article, or one document and try to make it look like that is all that person said and that there’s nothing else to it. Which is what Senator McCarthy did with his whole guilt by association routine with his Government Oversight Committee.

The main problem with Joe McCarthy is that he represented exactly what he claimed to be against. Where he said all of these negative things about the Soviet Union and communism about the supremacy of the state. And that the individual it not important and all of this is true by the way. But the problem had been that he took the attitude that if you don’t believe him all the way and agree and approve of exactly everything he did with his speeches and investigation, he would accuse you of giving comfort to the enemy. Which is what he accused Ed Murrow of in 1954. Joe McCarthy, might have believed in the supremacy of the state over the individual. But believed in the supremacy of Joe McCarthy over the individual. You either with him all the way, or you’re against America and what it stands for.

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