The Dick Cavett Show: ‘Christian Views on Abortion and Homosexuality’

Christian Views on Abortion and Homosexuality _ The Dick Cavett Show

Source:The Dick Cavett Show– Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey, on The Dick Cavett Show in 1970.

“Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey debates with Jane Fonda over his stance on other beliefs and atheism, and discusses the laws surrounding homosexual relations and abortion.

Date aired – March 13, 1970 – Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, Henry Fonda, Michael Ramsey and Mort Sahl”

From The Dick Cavett Show

Perhaps someone who is older or has a better sense of American political history than me knows this better, but I don’t believe the terms Christian-Right, Christian-Conservatives, Christians-Conservatism was used in America at least until the late 1970s and into the 1980s, when abortion, homosexuality, women’s place in the word were such huge issues in American politics, but these folks even has a political movement have always been with us, at least in the television age.

Pre- 960, America was living in Phyllis Schlafly’s, Beaver Cleaver’s, Ozzie and Harriet’s Utopian America, where the woman’s job was to raise her kids that she had with her husband: perhaps go to college and get a good job before marriage, but after she was married she was to quit her job and be a housewife for the rest of her life and take care of her kids, husband, and home.

Gays weren’t locked in a closet, but were locked in mental institutions and even in jails, if they were out and proud of their homosexuality. Non Anglo-Saxon-Protestants, including Italian, Jewish, and Latino-Americans, were seen as second-class citizens in America, not equal to English-Protestants. Not just African-Americans or Asian-Americans who were seen as inferior to Anglo-Saxons and Caucasians in general in America. But anyone who wasn’t Northern-European, Protestant, straight, and male.

The 1960s Counter-Culture that Hollywood Goddess Jane Fonda both as an actress and filmmaker, but as a political activist as well, blew up Phyllis Schlafly’s Christian-Fundamentalist Utopia up and what we started seeing in the early 1970s was what we call the Christian-Right or Christian-Nationalists today, started fighting back and speaking out against the Counter-Culture and the personal freedom movement that was going on back then and wanting a return to their traditional America. And you see a little of that in this interview.

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