Big Think: Ian Bremmer- ‘Donald Trump Is Not The Problem: He’s The Symbol of 4 Bigger Issues’

Big Think: Donald Trump

Source:Big Think– But he’s the biggest exploiter of the problem.

“If the problem was just Trump, it wouldn’t be happening in other places around the world, says political scientist Ian Bremmer. All sorts of advanced industrial democracies have people getting angrier and voting more and more against the establishment.Even when their economies are doing well, four factors exist that rip at the fabric of civic nationalism. What’s surprising, however, there is one developed country that isn’t having such issues. What can we learn from them?”

From Big Think

I agree with Ian Bremmer that Donald Trump didn’t create the current political chaos and hyper-partisanship in America. he’s just the biggest and perhaps the most successful exploiter of it.

If Governor George Wallace (the father of Donald Trump’s political movement) ran for President in 1964, 68, 72, and 76 as a Republican instead of a Democrat, he would’ve been laughed at and wouldn’t have come close in any state in the Republican primaries, perhaps not even in Alabama.

If someone ran a Far-Right populist campaign for President as a Republican even as late as 2012, someone like a Michele Bachmann or even a Rick Santorum, their campaigns would’ve barely gotten off the ground. Michele Bachmann’s campaign was over by December, 2011, Rick Santorum did win Iowa, but Mitt Romney pretty much had the nomination by March, 2012.

Donald Trump’;s campaign was seen as a reality TV joke in the summer of 2015 and by late 2015 he was starting to look like a real force and started winning one primary after another in early 2016 and to the Republican nomination.

So what changed and what made Donald Trump so successful?

A very divided Republican Party in 2015-16 with a large field of candidates that allowed for someone like a Trump whose is very entertaining and fascinating and extremely unusual to come in and win those primaries with just 30-35% of the vote in a lot of those primaries.

A divided Democratic Party that probably saw Hillary Clinton as their best candidate, but where maybe 4-10 Democrats wanted the Far-Left Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders (who is not even a Democrat) to be their nominee and with the Sanders base never really embracing Clinton and with a of mainstream Democrats (such as myself) never really taking Donald Trump and his campaign seriously and spent a lot of our time just making the fun of the man and his supporters.

Hillary not even bothering to campaign in states that she had to win like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc, American voters to embarrassed to admit they’re voting for Donald Trump and someone like a Donald Trump can come in and win the Electoral College by a few states with 46% of the poplar vote.

And you get a President Donald Trump instead of a President Hillary Clinton. And this long national nightmare that Democrats and Independents, Never-Trumper Republicans,  have been living through for the last 42 months is still with us.

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