Liberty Pen: John Stossel Show- U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich: The Progressive Case Against Liberty

Democratic Socialist

Democratic Socialist

This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeState Now

I’ll give Dennis Kucinich some credit. Not because not at least what’s called in Europe a Social Democrat, or Democratic Socialist and what I call in America those things. Or at best a Social-Liberal. Someone who is very liberal on social issues. Meaning he believes in a high deal of personal freedom. But very progressive-socialist on economic policy and believes in having a big centralized unitarian even big government involved in the economy. But he’s someone who believes that it’s the job of government to take care of everyone. And I believe he and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg would disagree on a lot of these social issues as they deal with marijuana, pornography and the soft drink and junk food bans.

Dennis Kucinich is more of a Socialist-Libertarian or a Socialist Liberal. Someone whose liberal-libertarian on social issues. Dovish on foreign policy and national security where Socialists tend to be. And socialist on economic policy. So he’s not someone who believes that it’s the job of government to run our lives and protect us from ourselves. But more there to do what he and other Social Democrats lets say, do not think that we can do for ourselves, or do as well. Sort of like a European Social Democrat, but probably more liberal on social issues. Where I give credit to the former U.S. Representative, who was redistricted out of office by his own state legislature, is his consistency and beliefs in a high deal of personal freedom.

I’ve always seen, or at least since Representative Kucinich ran for president in 2004, as someone who was a Green Democrat. Someone who ideologically should be in the Green Party, or Democratic Socialist Party, but ran as a Democrat simply so he could get elected and reelected to public office. And that even though he tends to have serious policy disagreements with Democrats and the Democratic Leadership, but tends to share the party’s goals. Not much different from lets say a Michelle Bachmann in the Republican Party. Who represents their Far-Right, but if she tried to run for office in a Far-Right third-party, would’ve had a hard time getting elected to dog catcher. Let alone to the U.S. House of Representatives. Where she was elected to and reelected three times. Unfortunately for the people she was supposed to represent in Minnesota.

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