Liberty Pen: John Stossel- Dennis Kucinich: ‘The Case Against Liberty’

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Source:Liberty Pen– former U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich (Democrat, Ohio) on John Stossel.

Source:FreeState Now

“Dennis Kucinich faces John Stossel and the Students For Liberty, attempting to make a case against libertarianism. Liberty Pen

From Liberty Pen

They went through several subjects in just a few minutes with both men sort of talking over each other. But I’ll try to give you Dennis Kucinich’s vision for America and American government just from this video, as well as from his career in the U.S. House of Representatives, where he might have been the most left-wing member of Congress during his 8 terms there.

What Representative Kucinich was essentially saying was that he didn’t want government to spend a lot of our money. He just doesn’t want us spending money on wars, (and perhaps national defense) as well as subsidizing private insurance companies, and corporate welfare. And instead spend all of that money on social programs and some new welfare state in America. Transfer all those tax dollars over from defense and corporate welfare, over to social programs.

So if you know what Socialists or Democratic Socialists believe (self-described or closeted) then you know what the Kucinich’s of the world believe in: a lot of money on social welfare programs, high taxes across the board, and very little on national security and perhaps law enforcement as well.

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