Heartbeat For Us: Politically Incorrect 1998- The Lewinsky Scandal

Politically Incorrect

Politically Incorrect

Shocker! A 1998 political talk show covering the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair. Gee, I guess there was nothing else going in the world. Similar to 1995 with the O.J. Simpson trial. As far as David Brock, I guess he was a closeted left-wing Socialist, as well as a gay man. Pretending to be a far-rightist who wanted to put America in a time machine and take us back to 1955. Perhaps even 1915 before American women had the right to vote. Well, Brock was a closeted homosexual until 1998 when I guess someone on the Right outed him. And now he’s head of a far-left media group called Media Matters. That seems to be in the business of trying to put right-wing media out of business.

But there’s one thing I sort of feel sympathy for David Brock. Being a closeted gay man and Socialist, pretending to be a right-winger on the Right in America. Having to pretend you love women, cars, sports, American capitalism in front of a group of people who think that gays should either be deported, or put in prison. Of course, he could’ve always moved to Canada where he would’ve fit in perfectly. And perhaps not even have to listen to, or hear any right-wing media whatsoever. Wait! Canadians, watch, read and listen to American media all the time. Perhaps because their media is so boring and has so little to report. I mean Canada, a country physically the size of a continent, but with only thirty-five million people. Because there’s year round arctic winter in half of the country.

One more thing about the Bill Clinton White House intern blow job scandal. I’ll give credit to anyone who can tell the difference between the group in America that tried to eliminate one way or another Bill Clinton from the presidency, from the Far-Right in the Tea Party that has tried to do the same thing to Barack Obama 10-15 soon to be twenty-years later. Wait! I have it. The difference is that the people who tried to kick Barry out of office are about 15-20 years older than the people who tried to kick Wild Bill out of office. Same crew, but with just more gray hair and resources to work with in the areas of the internet and social media.

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