JFK News 1963: NBC News- Coverage of The Oswald Shooting

NBC News - JFK Assassination

Source:JFK News– NBC News coverage of the JFK assassination, in 1963.

“From the Morning of Sunday November 24th 1963 NBC News LIVE coverage of the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby. This video begins at 11:21 A.M C.S.T. The very minute he was shot reported by Tom Petitt.”

From JFK News

More like NBC News live coverage of the Ruby-Oswald shooting or what would be called today, raw news coverage. NBC News trying to cover a somewhat disorganized chaotic scene back in 1963. As the reporter said, just another chapter in story that doesn’t seem real.

First a President of the United States being assassinated in a car with Secret Service all around him. Then the man who assassinates the President being killed himself by a local nightclub owner/mobster Jack Ruby. Which just created a bunch of new questions after speculation had already begun about whether or not Lee Oswald was alone with his murderous plot, or did he have help.

I believe Oswald had help, but we still don’t know that and two of those reasons why I believe, are because both Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby died before we could find those things out.

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