Vox: Amanda Taub: ‘The Truth About Political Correctness is That it Doesn’t Exist’

Political Correctness

Source:Google– Political correctness, is definitely a form of fascism.

“Political correctness, in Chait’s view, is a “system of left-wing ideological repression” that threatens the “bedrock liberal ideal” of a “free political marketplace where we can reason together as individuals.” He writes, “While politically less threatening than conservatism (the far right still commands far more power in American life), the p.c. left is actually more philosophically threatening. It is an undemocratic creed.”

From VOX

“Bill Maher & Dennis Miller on Free Speech vs Political Correctness”

From David Gagnon

Bill Maher & Dennis Miller on Free Speech vs Political Correctness

Source:David Gagnon– Bill Maher, on Dennis Miller Live, in 2002.

So when Rush Limbaugh calls a young woman a slut a few years ago and people on the Far-Left protest and try to get Rush fired because they believe slut is offensive and politically incorrect, that didn’t happen? Or when campus, leftists ( lets say to be nice ) try to prevent Anne Coulter from speaking at their college because of offensive remarks she’s made about minorities Latin immigrants, gays and go down the list, she’s serial offender, that didn’t happen either?

Or go up to last year and what Bill Maher who just happens to be a hard-core Atheist that the Far-Left use to love, but he has the balls to criticize Islam, the Far-Left attacks him on Twitter and other places and calls him a racist. And the leftists at Berkley try to prevent him from speaking at their state university, ( by the way ) but in Amanda Taub’s world that didn’t happen either?

Please, let’s be adults here and not debate whether or not political correctness exist or not. And at the same time not debate whether water is wet or not. And have a real debate about the merits and weakness’ of it instead and have an adult conversation.

Let’s also be real about what it is as well, even if the truth may tend to offend the supporters of it. Which is one thing that free speech is about. The right to not only express yourself, but also the right to tell the truth even if it may offend.

The fringe version of political correctness is a form of fascism: “I not only disagree with you, but find your point of view hateful and offensive to the point that you don’t have a right to speak in my world. And I’m going to do whatever I can to shut you up”. That is exactly what political correctness is when it comes from the Far-Right and elements of the Tea Party that want to define what it means to be real American. And the Far-Left that wants to shut people up who they find offensive.

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