Dave Warner: ‘A Moment With Pam Oliver- 2006’


FOX Sports - Pam Oliver

Source:Dave Warner– Rear view of FOX Sports NFL reporter Pam Oliver, in 2006.

‘Source:The Daily Post 

FOX Sports - Pam Oliver

Source:The Daily Post– Rear view of FOX Sports NFL reporter Pam Oliver, in 2006.

“Dave from Dave’s Football Blog finds Fox Sports’ Pam Oliver in Charlotte for the Carolina Panthers v. New Orleans Saints game. Part 4 in a series.”

From Dave Warner

“A Moment With Pam Oliver:” hum, maybe it was only a moment, because the guys shooting the video kept yelling out her name and how much they like her. Which might be why she moved away instead of having guys gawk at her indefinitely, as if she’s a professional model. And even though she definitely attractive enough to be a professional model, a supermodel even, that is not why she was at this event.

Pam Oliver was at this game to cover that event for Fox Sports, which she does a great job doing, which I’ll get into later. Something to think about especially for young men and have a tendency to freak out when they see a sexy woman, which Pam certainly is wearing tight outfits.

Speaking of Pam Oliver, not a fan of Fox, especially Fox News and not much of a fan of Fox Sports either other than their NFL coverage which tends to be pretty good. Their studio show and their number one announcing team with Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and yes Pam Oliver who their number one sideline reporter.

But I love Pam Oliver personally and physically. She does a great job for them and looks great doing it and is the best looking woman at Fox Sports and I believe their best reporter. And one of those reasons is because players and coaches want to talk to her. She asks tough questions, but she’s fair in doing that and is also great to look at. And you can talk to her without getting in trouble from your girlfriend of wife, because she’s a sideline reporter and not a fan or groupie or something.


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