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Hoover Institution: Uncommon Knowledge: Richard Epstein on Inequality, Taxes, Politics and Health Care

. I actually agree with Richard Epstein on one thing. Which is definitely a rarity, but when Epstein says that its not that inequality is a problem. But the lack of mobility and opportunity for people at the bottom, or … Continue reading

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The Dish: Andrew Sullivan- Neither Living Nor Dead: The Relevance of the U.S. Constitution

Founding Liberals This post was originally posted at The New Democrat Before I give you my take on the U.S. Constitution, I’m going to give you takes from others further Left of me and from people who are to my … Continue reading

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Hoover Institution: Defining Ideas: Richard Epstein: Our Property Principle

Hoover Institution: Defining ideas: Richard Epstein: Our Property Principle Rik Schneider on Google+ The New Democrat on Facebook The New Democrat on Twitter I guess because of the way I look at the United States Constitution, I would be described … Continue reading

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Cato Institute: Video: Richard Epstein: The Classical Liberal Constitution

". This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger The Classical Liberal Constitution is the United States Constitution. With all the constitutional and individual rights that it protects. The problem with the USC is not the Constitution … Continue reading

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