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The Independent Institute: Kyle Swan- Private Property Rights

Source:The New Democrat Libertarian Economist Walter Williams once said something that I actually agree with. He was talking about property rights and extended them to one’s self and one’s body. That the individual has complete control of their own body … Continue reading

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The Washington Post: Opinion- Sheri Berman- ‘ Some Argue That The West Should Limit Democracy To Save Liberalism: Here’s Why They’re Wrong’

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat America and to a certain extent Europe, has a long history of subsidizing authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and Africa (specifically) for their own national interests. The thinking being … Continue reading

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The Dish: Andrew Sullivan- Neither Living Nor Dead: The Relevance of the U.S. Constitution

Founding Liberals This post was originally posted at The New Democrat Before I give you my take on the U.S. Constitution, I’m going to give you takes from others further Left of me and from people who are to my … Continue reading

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Brookings: Video: Stephen Grand & Shadi Hamid: The Tension Between Democracy and Liberalism

Liberalism and democracy are two different things. Liberals believe in both, but just because you are a Democrat doesn’t mean you are a Liberal as we see in the Democratic Party. Or if you are a small d democrat, meaning … Continue reading

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