PZI Jeans: ‘Curvy Model Lynette- Shows of Her Curves in PZI Skinny Jeans’

Curvy Model Lynette shows off her curves in PZI Jeans_MP4

Source:PZI Jeans– Curvy model Lynette, for PZI Jeans.

Source:The Daily Post 

“Curvy Model Lynette shows off her curves in PZI Jeans.”

From PZI Jeans 

This is a model for the adult entertainment website Jeans So Tight. And if you look at this photo and the body of the woman in this photo and that it’s called Jeans So Tight, you should have no wonder why they call themselves that. Assuming you are sane, competent, sober, and have your eyesight, all at the same time. (Which hopefully is a safe assumption)

Curvy Women

Source:Jeans So Tight– feel free to check out her curve appeal: she’s showing it off.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bone-thin woman who I considered sexy at least physically. I’m not into stereotypical valley girls, the tall rail thin blonde women with light complexions. That freak out about gaining a pound and put down people who eat full meals and work out. Brittany Spears would be an example of a valley girl who actually eats full balanced meals and works out and has an excellent body. But generally these women are rail-thin and put down people who aren’t. Curvy women back in the day were considered fat and unattractive in the 1970s and 80s. But by the late 1990s curvy women became stylish as long as they had tight curves and weren’t fat.

And this trend that started in the late 90s has been that way ever since and hopefully always be that way. And now we even see tight denim skinny jeans for curvy women and that will continue to grow. Women who are curvy, with tight curves, are sexy women to me because they are healthy. They eat full balanced meals and work out, they want to look good and show the rest of the world what they are working with. And because they are sexy, they are confident without being arrogant and have another sexy quality about them. They look great and know it.

And from a guys point of view, you see sexy curvy in tight denim jeans a lot, out in public or on TV. Rachael Ray being a perfect example of this, a woman who I would describe as the Queen of Hip Hugger Jeans. She knows she has a great body and wants the world to know it. And in some cases especially in Europe, you see healthy curvy women in tight leather jeans like on their soap operas. Health curvy women to me are sexy women because they take care of themselves and don’t starve themselves. And they should be proud of that and not be afraid to let the world see that because men especially will love them for it.

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