A&E: Shipping Wars- Sexy Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan

Shipping Wars_ Horse Ranch _ A&E

Source:A&E– Sexy Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan from A&E’s Shipping Wars.

Source:The Daily Times

“Jen visits her aunt’s horse farm and talks about her love for horses.

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From A&E 

Let’s just be honest: I posted this photo of Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan because it’s really sexy. She’s a cowgirl from Texas (or some Southwest state) whose always dressed like a cowgirl in her skin-tight t-shirts or tank tops, skin-tight, denim jeans, and cowgirl boots. With a beautiful baby face and body. It’s really that simple.

Shipping Wars

Source:A&E– Sexy Cowgirl Jennifer Brennan on A&E”s Shipping Wars.

I gotta be honest as a guy, (for a change) I’m not a fan of Shipping Wars on A&E. But I do watch the show occasionally (like when I have nothing better to do and I’m wide awake) and I do like Jennifer Brennan. She’s I guest one of the contestants on the show, but they really aren’t playing. They do this for a living, they buy stuff online that people have to sell and perhaps getting rid of. And they make their money by selling what they buy online for a profit. But they have to compete with each other in order to see who gets to buy and then try to sell the purchase. Sort of like an online auction.

Jennifer Brennan plays or I guess is this cowgirl or cowgirl wannabe who lives I believe in the South. Who is into a lot of Western style I guess products. And she looks like an acts like a cowgirl with the style, the way she talks, what she drives and how she carries herself. She’s also highly annoying and adorable as the other players on the show would probably tell you. But very entertaining at the same time, and very attractive and sexy which makes the show (at times) worth watching for me.

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