American Enterprise Institute: U.S. Representative Paul Ryan- ‘How the GOP budget differs from President Obama’s’

Paul Ryan_ How the GOP budget differs from President Obama's

Source:American Enterprise Institute– U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (Republican, Wisconsin) speaking to the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, about the Federal budget.

Source:The Daily Times

“The House Budget Committee chairman argues that Obama’s budget proposal will send America spiraling into debt at an even faster rate. The GOP budget, Paul Ryan describes, is “very different.”

From AEI

Democratic Representatives Anthony Weiner and Tim Ryan (from Ohio) were on the House floor Wednesday night after the House conducted its last vote in the Defense Authorization bill, talking about the House GOP plan to reform Medicare, that Speaker Boehner has now decided is off the table on Medicare reform.

Congressional Democrats as well as the White House will keep the so-called Ryan plan on the table on the campaign trail. And we’ve already seen success with with New York House election Tuesday night. Bad week to be a Republican, but that might be a different story.

Representatives Anthony Weiner and Tim Ryan were saying that the GOP vision of Medicare reform would be to essentially eliminate it. I would amend that and say they would eliminate Medicare and replace it with something else. They have their own plan to provide assistance for senior citizens to get health insurance.

The House GOP would eliminate Medicare and replace it with a voucher system that would still be financed by the payroll tax. And then seniors would get vouchers to go get their own health insurance in the private sector.

I hate, let me rephrase, I’m against any health care reform plan that cuts back on choice in where people can get their Health Care and how they pay for it. Whether it’s through health insurance or a health savings account. Just as long as they pay for it. Which is why I’m against single-payer health insurance and Medicare for all in America. I believe in competition and freedom of choice: in other words, capitalism.

I’m also against he House GOP Medicare plan that eliminates Medicare. I love the idea of non-profit health insurance, coming from both the private and public sectors. Which is why I supported the public option in the Health care reform debate of 2009-10. Just as long as its parts of and overall package that people can decide for themselves where they get their health insurance .

My idea of Medicare reform would be to give it autonomy from the Federal Government, while it would still be a non-profit health insurance service, so both parties in Congress can no longer mess with it. As well as the Administration and charge high-earners more as far as the payroll tax and their premiums.

Then we would no longer have to deal with ridiculous legislation from both the Far-Right and Far-Left, by letting Medicare run itself. Fix the financing of Medicare and let it continue to do what it does so well. Without Congress and the Administration messing with it.

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