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KrisAnne Hall: ‘From Socialist To Constitutionalist – My Story’

Source:The New Democrat  “From Socialist To Constitutionalist – My Story What does it take to make a hard core socialist into a true faith Constitutionalist? Listen as this wide awake story is told to not only encourage you, but to … Continue reading

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Liberty Pen: Charles Murray- Who Killed The Constitution?

Who Killed The Constitution? Interesting question, if only the Constitution were itself dead. I think Libertarians get themselves in trouble when they talk about social welfare legislation as being unconstitutional, when you have Federal court decisions going back eighty years … Continue reading

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Brookings: Video: Stephen Grand & Shadi Hamid: The Tension Between Democracy and Liberalism

Liberalism and democracy are two different things. Liberals believe in both, but just because you are a Democrat doesn’t mean you are a Liberal as we see in the Democratic Party. Or if you are a small d democrat, meaning … Continue reading

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