KrisAnne Hall: ‘From Socialist To Constitutionalist – My Story’

From Socialist To Constitutionalist - My Story - Google Search (1)

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“From Socialist To Constitutionalist – My Story

What does it take to make a hard core socialist into a true faith Constitutionalist? Listen as this wide awake story is told to not only encourage you, but to show you how to reach others.”

From KrisAnne Hall

From Socialist To Constitutionalist - My Story - Google Search

Source:Namely Liberty– “From Socialist To Constitutionalist – My Story – NAMELY LIBERTY”

From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

“Constitutionalism is the idea, often associated with the political theories of John Locke and the founders of the American republic, that government can and should be legally limited in its powers, and that its authority or legitimacy depends on its observing these limitations. This idea brings with it a host of vexing questions of interest not only to legal scholars, but to anyone keen to explore the legal and philosophical foundations of the state.

How can a government be legally limited if law is the creation of government? Does this mean that a government can be ‘self-limiting’? Is this even possible? If not, then is there some way of avoiding this implication? If meaningful limitation is indeed to be possible, perhaps constitutional constraints must somehow be ‘entrenched’, that is, resistant to change or removal by those whose powers are constrained? Perhaps they must not only be entrenched, but enshrined in written rules. If so, how are these rules to be interpreted?

In terms of their original, public meaning or the intentions of their authors, or in terms of the, possibly ever-developing, values and principles they express? How, in the end, one answers these questions depends crucially on how one conceives the nature, identity and authority of constitutions. Must a constitution establish a stable framework for the exercise of public power which is in some way fixed by factors like original public meaning or authorial intentions? Or can it be a living entity which grows and develops in tandem with changing political values and principles? These and other such questions are explored below.”

So to understand KrisAnne Hall’s definition of what it means to be a Socialist: I guess she was a Communist and perhaps even a Che-Guevara-Fidel Castro loving Communist, until she woke one day and found Jesus. Perhaps she didn’t just have Che t-shirts or a closet full of Che t-shirts, but she personally made Che t-shirts and hats as well. This might be a slight exaggeration, but if you watch her video and just the first 5-10 minutes of it, you could easily get that idea. Unless you’re too busy staring at your i-phone or something and completely missed her story.

How about constitutionalism: if you think of the terms constitutional conservative and what’s supposed to be the philosophy of constitutional conservatism, you’re talking about someone who believes in conserving the Constitution. So in the United States that would be the U.S. Constitution. So Conservatives believe in conserving which is the whole point of being a Conservative and conservatism.

So if you’re a Constitutional Conservative, you believe in conserving the Constitution. Not just parts of it that into one partisan or another’s current political objectives, but the whole damn document and every amendment in it, whether you agree with every aspect of the Constitution or not. Because you don’t want big government coming in and outlawing certain freedoms that we have, just because it decides it doesn’t believe individuals should have that freedom, or there’s some popular movement to outlaw that freedom or freedoms. Just one example of what it means to be a Constitutional Conservative.

Just to give you a brief, modern history of Constitutional Conservatives and constitutional conservatism: When then Representative Michele Bachmann and former Senator Rick Santorum ran for President back in 2011-12, ( Michele Bachmann’s campaign didn’t make it even to 2012. Not even sure if her campaign qualified as short-lived. ) they were both throwing around the term Constitutional Conservative.

But here’s the irony and even catch about their Representative Bachmann and Senator Santorum’s self-descriptions of their politics: they were both running to amend 2-3 amendments of the U.S. Constitution. In Senator Santorum’s case, 4 because he was talking about amending the 1st Amendment to outlaw pornography, which would actually cover the 4th Amendment as well and what people do in the privacy of their own homes and free time. And the 10th and 14th Amendments to outlaw same-sex marriage from the Federal level. And he was also flirting to come out in favor outlawing gambling as well at the Federal level. Which would also come with serious constitutional issues and challenges as well.

So to sum up the Bachmann and Santorum presidential campaigns and to put it simply: neither one of them, at least when they were running for President were Constitutional Conservatives. They were no more Constitutional Conservatives, than Bernie Sanders is a Libertarian and Ronald Reagan was a Communist. And to go back to one of my original points about Constitutional Conservative: you either believe in conserving the Constitution or not. You’re all in on the U.S. Constitution, or you’re not a Constitutional Conservative. Constitutional Conservatives are not political partisans ( whether they’re on the Right or Left ) simply there to conserve the aspects of the Constitution that they like, while working to outlaw and amend aspects of the Constitution that doesn’t fit their politics.

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