The Beacon: Ben Wilterdink: ‘How to Talk to Millennials About Socialism’

How to Talk to Millennials About Socialism - Google Search

Source:The Beacon– Tell Millennials that their laptops and smartphones, could become too damn expensive, if Socialists were ever in charge.

Source:The New Democrat 

“By now it is largely considered common knowledge that American Millennials are more enamored with socialism than previous generations. While cutoff points vary, Millennials are most commonly understood as the generation of those born between 1981 and 1996—meaning that, as of 2019, Millennials range in age from as old as 38 to as young as 23. Poll after poll has found that this generation is increasingly skeptical of capitalism and more open to trying socialism. While those headline findings don’t quite present a full and accurate picture of what’s going on, the trend is concerning, and should spur those of us who value a system of government that recognizes individual rights, human dignity, and the power of mutually beneficial voluntary exchange to be ready to defend those principles in the public square.”

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“Jaboukie Young-White talks to young people and Senator Bernie Sanders to find out why socialism isn’t the taboo it once was.”

Why Are Young Americans Embracing Socialism_ _ The Daily Show

Source:The Daily Show– U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Democrat Socialist, Socialist Republic of Vermont) and Jaboukie White, a young dude who doesn’t know how the real world works.

From The Daily Show

To make a more serious point, first: I believe Millennials are now embracing Socialists and socialism, is because they believe that they’re being screwed by American capitalism and for good reasons ( and perhaps don’t like liberal democracy either ) and know enough about politics and economics to think that socialism, is the natural alternative to capitalism. So instead of so many Americans getting screwed by private enterprises, they expect Uncle Sam ( or Uncle Bernie Sanders ) to come in and provide for them the services and even income that traditionally was provided for by American private enterprise.

Now how to talk about socialism and explain why socialism isn’t good for Millennials.

What do stereotypical Millennials ( at least ) value in America?

When you think of Millennials at least socially ( not socialist, necessarily ) you think of their love for new-technology, social media, celebrity culture, what’s called reality TV, Hollywood, high-end fashion, etc. Explain to them how all of those things would go away if Uncle Sammy or Uncle Bernie would then become in charge of all of those products.

What drives American capitalism and private enterprise: innovation, talent, intelligence, and competition. You have an idea and product that others want that’s affordable and you know how to market it, you’ll do very well in America. You put Uncle Sam or Uncle Bernie, or Aunt Liz in charge of those products or at the very least allow them to tax the hell out of those companies and services that Millennials cherish so much, you’ll get fewer of those products and they’ll become more expensive as well to try to compete with all the new taxes and regulations, assuming they’re able to even stay in business after Uncle Bernie and Aunt Liz are done with them.

You think 7-10 bucks for a cup of coffee is too much, put Big Government in charge of it and get use to paying 10-15 bucks for a cup of coffee. Government doesn’t need to innovate, it sure as hell doesn’t want competition, and doesn’t even need intelligence to stay in business. Just taxpayers or foreign countries that are willing to lend them money.

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