CNN: Political Ticker: Jeremy Diamond & Eric Weisbrod: Congress Defined As: Useless, Worthless, A Joke

Congressional Logic

CNN: Political Ticker: Jeremy Diamond & Eric Weisbrod: Congress Defined as Useless, Worthless, A Joke

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I’m not an expert on this, but when your profession or institution is ranked somewhere down where lawyers, used car salesman and con man are ranked when it comes to your popularity, commonsense tells you that it is time to reevaluate the job that you are doing and perhaps your profession. Congress right now and that includes both the House and Senate (for all you Progressives out there) has an approval rating somewhere around ten-percent. And since I’m in a generous mood I gave them the ten. Like to meet that ten-percent and see if any of them are not living in mental institutions or perhaps addicted to some type of drug.

The United States Congress makes the United Nations look effective. That is real hard to do because the United Nations many times looks like nothing more than a debating society if that and not even a real good one. Where not much more than pre-rehearsed talking points are exchanged. With not a lot of individual creating thinking going on. Especially from people who are supposed to be diplomats and lawyers. Well that is Congress and both chambers. Instead of trying to pass legislation and working with each other to get something that the President can actually sign that would address the problem passed. They blame the other side for why nothing has been done.

Congress is so pathetic (again being generous) that they can’t even pass the bills that they are required to by law and under the Constitution. The Federal budget is supposed to be passed by April. The Democratic Senate claims that they don’t have to pass a budget. And they say something to the effect “you can’t make us anyway!”. One of their twelve-year old speechwriters probably gave them that Pulitzer caliber writing on that one. Congress is supposed to pass what thirteen appropriations bills by what September. They haven’t passed one yet and at least the Republican House has passed a few.

Congress doesn’t pass budgets and appropriations bills anymore because if they did that then Representatives and Senators might have time to actually read the bills. And then decide they can’t vote for that because it is garbage legislation (again being generous) or it may hurt them in the next election. So what they do is lump a four-trillions dollar budget (big part of the problem right there) that includes all the appropriations bills in what and what only Congress calls an omnibus bill. Which is a clever way is saying a large sack of garbage that nobody wants to put their hands through and see what is in it. Because they don’t want to know.

Still wondering why Congress is so unpopular? If you are, perhaps you’ve just come home from a ten-year vacation in an Afghan cave with no access to any outside information. Or have been in a coma for the last 10-15 years. You would’ve had to, to be that clueless about the U.S. Congress assuming you are an American.

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