AlterNet: Opinion: Michelle Goldberg: Should Selling Sex be Legal?

The Selling of Sex

AlterNet: Opinion: Michelle Goldberg: Should Buying Sex Be Illegal?

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Here’s an example where radical-feminists to use Michelle Goldberg’s label as well as Christian Conservatives as well as nanny statists on the Left and Right disagree with me as a Liberal. I’m in favor of legalizing prostitution and let me make that clear. I’m not in favor of prostitution, but I’m in favor of allowing for people to make these decisions for themselves. I have decided that prostitution is not for me as a job or as a customer. Millions of other Americans in and outside of Nevada have decided that prostitution is for them as a worker or customer and have never spent a day in jail for it. And that is really my point. Who should decide, the individual or government?

There are plenty of things that I would never do because of potential dangerous risks that come from them. And most of them are legal like owning and using firearms. Smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, bungee jumping, gambling, homosexual sex, hardcore porn. And hardcore porn not so much because of any danger factor, but I don’t have much of a taste for it. Perhaps you need to be more lonely or lonely period to appreciate solid hardcore porn. But being that as it may there are plenty of dangerous activities that are actually legal in this country.

They are legal because we’ve decided that there there’s a limit to what government can do to protect a country of three-hundred fifteen-million people. And that we need to limit those resources except for a few exceptions to doing the things that we need government to do. Like protecting us from predators foreign and domestic to use as an example. Not saying prostitution is a good thing, but like a lot of these other activities it would be safer if it is legal than illegal. Because government can regulate it to protect people from predators and the workers, employers and customers can pay taxes on it.

What happens when you legalize prostitution? Now government can step in to regulate it to make it as safe as possible. Because legal or illegal prostitution is not the oldest profession in  the world for nothing. And it is only going to get older  so you might as well legalize it. So only adults are involved and customers and workers are tested on a regular basis to prevent the spread of disease. And so taxes are paid on it which and people don’t have to pay other people’s taxes that they are not paying because they are involved in a illegal profession.

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4 Responses to AlterNet: Opinion: Michelle Goldberg: Should Selling Sex be Legal?

  1. Womanizer says:

    Please allow me to play devil’s advocate here. We are raising the old nut that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, and as such consent to its legalisation. Perhaps in the past the conditions of poverty, inequality and social alienation kept the system alive. In the future we may work to equalise society and reduce poverty. This may in fact end the oldest profession in the world. Thoughts?

    • Well similar to prostitution, poverty has always been with us and always will be. Otherwise I think you make a good point. But as long as we are stuck with both, the question is not whether we should have both prostitution and poverty or not. Because we always will have both. But the question is how best to deal with both issues.

      • Womanizer says:

        Dear Derik – I do believe that you have found yourself repeating the logical fallacy that the past somehow offers a guarantee for the future. That something has something has always been a reality does not demand that it must always be so. Not being mush of a fatalist or indeed a historical determinist I see no need for either prostitution or poverty to be a future reality. Surely as a liberal you find some common cause with this sentiment?

  2. Well first of all as a Liberal I believe that people have a right to do as they please with their own bodies as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else with what they are doing. Which is the real liberal position when it comes to prostitution or sexuality to use as another example. As long as prostitutes and the people they work for and with, along with their clients are licensed and getting medically tested, healthy, paying the taxes that they owe and so forth. That is the best and only way to deal with a profession that has been around forever and is not going away. We know these things and if you don’t like that, then eliminate it and make history.

    As far as poverty. You seem to want to eliminate both poverty and prostitution at the same time. Why don’t you find a cure to AIDS and eliminate cancer at the same time. The world is not perfect and as long as it is dominated by humans it will never be. You make the best out of the planet that you are dealt and go from there. Realism and the real world vs. idealism and Utopia.

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