CBS: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour- Tony Randall & Jayne Mansfield: Hangover (1962)

Tony & Jayne

Source:CBS– Tony Randall & Jayne Mansfield

“Jayne is sooooo good in this. If you every get to see it, (It’s about a hour long and VERY HARD TO FIND) you’ll know that Jayne was a very good actress. To bad she didn’t do more roles like this. I LOVE the short hair.”

From CBS 

“Remembering nothing of what happened the day before, a talented, alcoholic ad man painfully reconstructs the events of what proves to have been a very bad day indeed.”

Hangover Poster

Source:IMDB– Tony Randall and Jayne Mansfield, on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in 1962.


A chance to see Jayne Mansfield with short hair. Don’t worry, she’s still baby-face adorable and hot with short hair. Tony Randall plays a talented, but alcoholic advertiser who’s drinking has gone too far to the point that it costs him his job, which is a very good job and his wife. And as well as his memory where he doesn’t remember the night before. Where he gets kicked out of a bar, screws up his presentation at work for one of his clients and wife walks out on him. He also forgets about an affair he had with Marion played by Jayne Mansfield.


Source:Net Flowers– Jayne Mansfield, on Alfred Hitchcock’s The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, in 1962.

He actually shows up at work the next morning thinking everything is normal and that nothing incredible happened the night before. He doesn’t even remember being fired and is wondering what Marion is doing at his home the next morning. He shows up to work locked out of his office where they tell him again that he was fired. And essentially spends the rest of the day trying to figure out what happened the day before.

As Alfred Hitchcock said on this show himself, this was about showing people the dangers of alcoholism, which I’m even surprised that term was even around in the early 1960s. And would assume that people who were alcoholics were considered to be mentally weak and not people with disease that needed serious treatment. But alcoholism causes Hadley Purvis (played by Tony Randall) his job and his wife and he loses his temper and takes it out on Marion.

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