Michael Smerconish: ‘Democracy or Security?: The Question That Will Re-Elect Donald Trump’

Michael Smerconish_ 'Democracy or Security__ The Question that Will Re-Elect Donald Trump'Source:Michael Smerconish– arguing that if Democrats turn against law enforcement, Donald Trump will come back to power.

Source:The New Democrat

“(YT EXCLUSIVE) What’s more important to you and your family? Democracy, or security? Are we instinctively inclined to protect our own safety and family first?

Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman argues in today’s New York Times that dismantling the police could sink Democrats and lead “way too many” to choose Donald Trump.”

From Michael Smerconish

Michael Smerconish is right in the sense that too many Americans get their news from the people and organizations that they trust politically. But that’s American political world of reality TV where it’s not the truth which is what matters in America for perhaps 40% of the country (Democrats and Republicans) but what’s believable for the hyper-partisans in America, (the Far-Right and Far-Left) and what sounds good to them politically, that they can use as their talking points on social media and perhaps their own personal blogs.

According to Michael Smerconish, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman argued that if the Democratic Party (the current party in power) turns against law enforcement and crime continues to rise in America, that Donald Trump will be elected President again in 2024.

Rising crime will hurt the Democrats, especially if they’re seen as against law enforcement. But I believe a better question will be whether The Donald will even be eligible to run for President or not in 2024. Not just the criminal investigations, but the personal bankruptcies, he may decide to leave the country, perhaps even give up his American citizenship to avoid being prosecuted and facing prison time before 2024 rolls around. Maybe he”ll find his own deserted country and create the State of Donald J. Trump and be put into power there. Hard to lose elections when only your voters are allowed to vote.

Yes, rising crime and attitude that seems anti-law enforcement will hurt Democrats especially in the Midwest in 2022 and 2024. But whether The Donald will even be eligible to run for President, let alone, be physically up to in in 3 years, are questions that are going to have to be answered first well more than half of the country has to worry about another national nightmare known as the Donald Trump Presidency happening again.

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