CNN: Paula Zahn Now- Jane Fonda in 2005

Jane Fonda

Source:The New Democrat– Hollywood Goddess and New-Left political activist Jane Fonda, talking to CNN’s Paula Zahn in 2005.


Daily Motion_ Jane Fonda Talks To Paula Zahn

Source:Daily Motion– Larry King Live in 2005.

From Daily Motion

I think there really are two Jane Fonda’s: the great, sexy beautiful baby-faced adorable actress, who is arguably the greatest actress of her generation. With perhaps only Liz Taylor being better. And then there’s the New-Left political activist, that emerges on the American political scene in the late 1960s and is there throughout the 1970s. Who U.S. Military veterans see as The Devil. Who the New-Left/Far-Left in America, see as one of their heroes. Perhaps right there with Karl Marx and many others.

And I think it’s hard to cover both sides of Jane’s career in one post. But she’s made a huge mark in both careers that she’s had, I’m going to give it a shot.

It’s not being against the Vietnam War, that made Jane Fonda controversial. I mean, the country up until the early 1970s, was split on that issue. It’s still the worst war that America has ever been in. As far as all the pain, suffering and deaths and how it’s effected future president’s and Congress’s and how they go to war.

It’s how Jane was against this war that really sets her apart. And puts in the anti-war movement in America that makes it easy to portray her as anti-American, if not Un-American. When you accuse the President of the United States of being a war criminal and you take a picture with the enemy and you call Americans soldiers murderers, it’s easy to see how people who love America would hate you.

The positive side of Jane Fonda’s career: again, perhaps the best actress of her generation, ( The Silent Generation: Americans born in the late 1920s and 1930s, primarily )  I think only Liz Taylor would be better than Jane. And you look at Jane’s movies like Walk on The Wild Side, The Chase, The China Syndrome, some of the best movies ever and she had a great part and was great in all of them, its easy to see why she’s had such a great career. And inheriting Henry Fonda’s genes, doesn’t hurt either.

But as a political activist and I’ll go concentrate on the Vietnam War, perhaps some of her other activities, I probably agree with her on, she stands out as a real New-Left, or Far-Left radical, that has pissed off a lot of Americans. Who by-in large would probably like and love her a lot otherwise.

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You can also see this post at The Daily Journal, on Blogger.

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