Real Time With Bill Maher: ‘About Young People in Communism’

Clowns In My Coffee_ Bill Maher- 'About Young People in Communism'Source:Real Time With Bill Maher– S.E. Cupp must work real hard to look adorable wearing thick glasses. And that work has paid off.

Source:The New Democrat

“Young people’s respect for elders, poll results on communism and defunding the police.”

From Clowns In My Coffee

“The Lost Generation was the social generational cohort that came of age during World War I. “Lost” in this context refers to the “disoriented, wandering, directionless” spirit of many of the war’s survivors in the early postwar period.[1] The term is also particularly used to refer to a group of American expatriate writers living in Paris during the 1920s.[2][3][4] Gertrude Stein is credited with coining the term, and it was subsequently popularized by Ernest Hemingway who used it in the epigraph for his 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises: “You are all a lost generation”.[5][6]

In a more general sense, the Lost Generation is considered to be made up of individuals born between 1883 and 1900.[7] The last surviving person that was known to have been born in the 19th century, Nabi Tajima, died in 2018…

From Wikipedia

The Wikipedia link I believe could easily be transferred over to the Millennial Generation, because I believe we’re talking about a generation of Americans that don’t seem to know what they want (other than being cool and popular) and don’t seem to know where they are going.

I mean we’re talking about a generation of Americans that thinks socialism is cool and claim to hate capitalism (even as they are the biggest subsidizers and customers of American capitalism in American history) while they’re staking out electronics stores to get whatever the latest gadgets are. Millennials seem to live in coffee houses, (perhaps because they can’t afford their own place to live) who claim they they can’t get through the day without their Starbucks, (or whatever their coffee house of choice is) get into car accidents because they can’t put their I-phones downs. I mean at risking of sounding old (which to a Millennial is anyone 40 or over) if this isn’t a lost generation, that term has no meaning.

I believe every large generation (at least in my lifetime) has a period like this and I believe new technology makes it more obvious. Baby Boomers thought socialism and communism were cool in the 1960s. But then parents kicked them out, because they were stinking up their basements and it suddenly occurred to them that they need real jobs and that maybe communism isn’t so cool or groovy anymore and that capitalism and liberal democracy is still way to go.

The Boomers finally mentally grew up in the 1970s and 80s and turned out to be one of, if not the most productive generations that we’ve ever had. Hopefully the light will go on with Millennials as well as they get smarter with more experience.

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