Ophelia 560: ‘Sexy Russian Girl Doing Her Dance’

Great Seat

Source:JeansSitting– this is from the JeansSitting website.

“Sexy Russian girl doing her dance.” 

From Ophelia 560  

In the mid and late 2000s there was a website called JeansSitting.com, a porn site obviously where they would have gorgeous, women (like the woman in this photo) sitting down on men and sitting on their chest, and even sitting on the faces in skin-tight denim jeans and sometimes even skin-tight leather jeans. They were big on Facebook and even YouTube at one point.

If you’re a guy whose a fan of what I call at least soft porn and tight jeans porn and aren’t too ashamed to admit that, I think you would like these videos and photos. You might not want to let your wife or girlfriend know that though, especially if she’s a radical feminist or religious fundamentalist. (Free advice)  


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