Liberty Pen: Thomas Sowell- ‘How To Cure Marxism’

Thomas Sowell - How to Cure Marxism

Source:Liberty Pen– The original Marxist, Karl Marx. 

“From Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, Thomas Sowell tells how he was enticed by Marxism as a youth and how the real world cured that notion. Liberty Pen.”

From Liberty Pen

On a less serious note: if you want to cure Marxism (as Liberty Pen put it) take people’s new technology, coffee houses, social media, and celebrity culture away, and young Americans would start begging for their capitalism and private enterprise to come back.

There would be protests in the street with Bring Cap Back movement’s with people chanting: “We hate big government and socialism: we want our capitalism and individual freedom back!” Assuming the Marxist government actually allowed private, public, peaceful protests, and didn’t run down and shoot people in the streets simply for expressing themselves.

But on a more serious note: there are social and political movements and then there are fads. The American civil rights movement was a real political movement that brought along a lot of positive change (progressivism, if you will) and the same thing with the antiwar movement from the 1960s and 70s, the 2000s as well with the Iraq War. The pro-immigration reform movement is a real political movement.

But then there social fads designed as political movements that young hipsters (especially) get behind because they think that’s what the cool people are doing, or they see their favorite celebrities getting behind it, or a combination of those things.

Socialism might look good on paper, similar to the run and shoot offense (if you’re familiar with football, especially before 2000) because Socialists say they’re not going to allow people to get too rich, because they don’t want anyone to be poor. And under that system everyone is supposed to have exactly what they need to live well in life.

Socialism might look like a progressive economic system on paper, until you actually have to live under it and see how it stifles creativity and individualism, because it eliminates competition and you see how regressive it actually is with all the poverty and shortages that come from a system like that.

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