CBS Sports: NBA-1984-NBA Finals-Game 7-Los Angeles Lakers @ Boston Celtics: Full Game


Source: CBS Sports

Source: CBS Sports: NBA 1984- NBA Finals Game 7- Los Angeles Lakers @ Boston Celtics: Full Game

One of the classic game 7s of all-time regardless of any sports league and one of the classic championship games of all-time, again regardless of sports league. That actually decided who was going to be the champion of that league for that season. And it was between two of the best pro franchises of all-time and right now, of again any sports league. The Lakers-Celtics, Magic vs. Legend, to decide major pro league championship, I mean you can’t dream of a better matchup. The top two NBA franchises of then and now, the two best players in the game, at least of then, if not all-time as well. Going against each other to decide who the best team in the league is and who is the best player in the league. And all of these things happening all in one game. Happening in Boston and at the Boston Garden. It was like a World Cup Final and Super Bowl combined into one game. Doesn’t get any better.

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