New York Magazine: Jonathan Chait- ‘The Still-Vital Case for Liberalism in a Radical Age’

The Still-Vital Case for Liberalism in a Radical Age

Source:New York Magazine– Interesting choice for a photo about liberalism.

“It is easy to see why a specialist in public opinion whose professional mission is to help elect Democrats while moving the party leftward would take an interest in this research. But in certain quarters of the left — though not among Democratic elected officials — criticizing violent protest tactics is considered improper on the grounds that it distracts from deeper underlying injustice, and shifts the blame from police and other malefactors onto their victims…

Read the rest of Jonathan Chait’s piece at New York Magazine  

“What is Liberalism? Explain Liberalism, Define Liberalism, Meaning of Liberalism. Source Link:Wikipedia.”

What is Liberalism_ Explain Liberalism, Define Liberalism, Meaning of Liberalism

Source:Audio Versity– What liberalism actually is.

From Audio Versity

“Liberalism in a Radical Age:” is an interesting title and piece, as well as an opportunity for me as a Liberal to separate liberalism from radicalism, whether it’s leftist or rightist radicalism, because Liberals especially tend to get lumped into to every radical movement that’s on the Left, especially illiberal movements.

Whether you’re talking about political correctness movements designed to censor right-wingers that leftists disagree with and claim to be offended by, nanny state movements that are designed to use government to protect people from themselves, or socialist (or social democratic, if you prefer) movements that are designed to use government to spend people’s money for them, believing that the world is too complicated a place for individuals to spend and make money on their own behalf and that individuals are just smart enough to manage their own lives for themselves, because they believe that only government is smart enough to do that for the people.

So-called Liberals want government to be bigger, even government’s tend to struggle to do the things that they’re supposed to do like the protecting the streets, protecting their citizens civil liberties, effectively responding to natural disasters, etc.

So what I want to do is to explain what liberalism isn’t, what it is, and then how Liberals should be respond to an America that is so divided at so many different levels.

The stereotypical vision of Liberals in America to put it simply are antiestablishment hipsters, who are like the coolest and perhaps youngest adults in society, who are looking to create some political revolution and change the world. People who don’t shave, (if they’re men) don’t get hair cuts, where military fatigues, (even though they claim to be antimilitary) stare at their smartphones all day, drinking their coffee house coffee, and always on social media, in on the biggest social trends, fashion, and language.

The so-called Liberal claims to hate the capitalist system that’s produced all of their favorite gadgets, social networks, and social trends. Liberals are supposed to be people who think eating meat is animal cruelty, even though they wear leather jackets and boots, pants, even. That Liberals are basically just, walking, human contradictions who always claim the opposite of what they personally do and how they personally live themselves. I get the sense that their sense of liberalism and what it means to be a Liberal to them, is nothing more than a fashion statement that comes with now consequences and personal responsibility for their fashion statement.

So that’s what Liberals aren’t and what liberalism isn’t. So what is liberalism and what does it mean to be a Liberal?

“Liberal democracy is a liberal political ideology and a form of government in which representative democracy operates under the principles of classical liberalism…

From Wikipedia

Liberalism is an ideology based off of individual rights, liberty, and equality. Liberals don’t say: “Why not communism?” Because Liberals know that communism is about an illiberal political philosophy that you can possibly dream up and don’t want their individual rights and protections taken from them and become subjects of the state.

So since Liberals believe in individual rights and liberty, of course they hate what happened to George Floyd a few weeks ago, because we not only believe in equality, but we hate racism and don’t want to see incidents like that happen again.

Remember what I wrote earlier about government struggling to do the basics right: the Minneapolis Police Department not just failed George Floyd and his family, but one of their officers killed Mr. Floyd, a racist cop who was hired by that police department, who will never work as a cop again and could be looking at murder two charges in his own home town.

There are several things that the George Floyd incident and police brutality more broadly doesn’t call for: it doesn’t call for more, bigger government and it doesn’t call for anarchism. You want to know what radical liberalism actually looks like, well it sure as hell isn’t communism or socialism, it’s anarchism. Defund the police in this country or go further and eliminate public police departments and agencies and that’s exactly what we”ll get.

We don’t need bigger government in America, we need smarter and good government that does the basics right first. Like protecting the streets and protecting it’s citizens from bigoted cops that sees certain Americans as subhuman simply because of their race, ethnicity, or complexion.


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