NFL Films: Don Meredith: ‘The Original Dallas Cowboy’

Don Meredith_ The Original Dallas Cowboy _ NFL Films Presents

Source:NFL Films– Dallas Cowboy QB and Monday Night Football analyst Don Meredith.

“Don Meredith: The Original Dallas Cowboy | NFL Films Presents. Subscribe to NFL Films:NFL Films.”

From NFL Films

Don Meredith is the original Dallas Cowboy and original Dallas Cowboy, who was probably headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, had he not retired after the 1969 season.

But Meredith was mentally done with the NFL and perhaps done with Cowboys head coach Tom Landry. (Who built the Dallas Cowboys) Tom Landry as great as a head coach and personal man that he was (one of the top 5 ever) he was difficult to play for, because he always expected the very best out of very player who ever played for him, who didn’t give any of his players much praise even when they played well and was always looking to make his players better and would concentrate on his players mistakes, even when they were playing well.

And that can drive a lot of players to early retirement the idea that you can never relax and are always striving to be your best. Which is why I’m guessing as someone who has never served in the military, which is why some military personal retire early. As well as all of the injuries that Meredith suffered through playing for those bad Cowboy teams in the early 1960s.

Don Meredith is the original great Dallas Cowboy quarterback (ever before Roger Staubach) and one of the best QB’s of the 1960s, as well as one of the toughest, who I believe would be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, had he played another 3-5 years and had led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, if not the championship.

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