Marxist Socialist: British TV Show- Talking About Socialists & Socialism


Source:Marxist Socialist– You might have a better idea who this guy is then me and I uploaded the photo. LOL

“Louise Mensch (former Tory MP) on Have I Got News for You, making an argument that nobody in the entire world has ever heard before.”

From Marxist Socialist

I apologize if: “British TV Show Talking About Socialists and Socialism” is too specific a title for you and gives out too much information (ha, ha) but apparently the person or people who uploaded this video doesn’t know what network or TV show that they watched to get this video, but what they were talking about is pretty clear when you watch the video.

When you watch the video you see a perfect example of why socialism has never been more of a cultural fad that people get behind when they’re young, because when young hipsters think of Socialists, they think of people who don’t shave, rarely get haircuts, where military fatigues, smoke Cuban cigars, listen to antiestablishment music, swear all the time: they think of antiestablishment revolutionaries, the coolest people around, according to young hipsters.

But then they grow up and realize they have bills to pay, they fall in love, get married, have kids, start working for a living (after their trust funds run out) and become a big part of the so-called materialistic, racist establishment, that everyone else calls capitalism, private enterprise, and liberal democracy.

Even old Socialists aren’t very socialist at least when it comes to their own personal lifestyles: how many second homes does millionaire Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders own? The man has been in Congress for 30 years now and didn’t become wealthy from his Congressional salary and benefits. He’s made a lot of money in the American capitalist system just from writing books.

You look at the so-called Hollywood Left and Hollywood Socialists and you’ll see some of the wealthiest people in the world. Actresses Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda, both worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Filmmaker Michael Moore, worth around 20 million dollars. What the hell are they doing with all of that money, if they hate capitalism so much?

And as far as this video: they’re correct about the young so-called anti-capitalist protestors that they were talking about. If they hate capitalism so much, then they can give up their smartphones, coffee houses, computers, celebrity culture, social media, and everything else that they love that was produced by individuals in a capitalist, private enterprise system. Not by government agencies or state-run enterprises. And then maybe they’ll be taken seriously when they say they hate capitalism.



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