Eagle Forum: Blog: Phyllis Schlafly: “The Mistake of Unilateral Divorce”: Why Government Should Stay Out of The Home

Big Government
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Eagle Forum: Blog: Phyllis Schlafly: The Mistake of Unilateral Divorce

Again what I call the Traditional Values Coalition like to talk about the dangers of big government when it comes to taxes and the economy in general. While at the same time on perhaps even on the same hand like to talk about benefits of big government by sticking into the personal lives of married couples and telling people when they can end their marriages or not. And then they say that so-called “no fault divorce is bad because it means that more women will enter the workforce. And as a result more people will be working and paying taxes”. Perhaps funding their own big government policies.

You start down the road of big government telling people when they can get divorced or even married and then you build a new road and deciding when romantic couples who perhaps aren’t married yet, can decide to move in with each other. Or when they can have kids, perhaps even make love. Forcing free Americans by law to live up to their marriage vows and making adultery illegal. Perhaps a national curfew law and telling Americans when they need to be home at night.

If you want to have a free society, you don’t create that by telling people who you want to be free how to live their own lives. Either from an economic and yes personal perspective. Economic freedom without personal freedom is not freedom. It is half the pie and one without the other is like burger without cheese or bread, you would be missing big chunk by at least not having the bread. You need both for it to be whole and real and you don’t create freedom by having government decide how adults should live their own lives.

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