Zip Trivia: ‘Are You a Commie, or a Citizen?’

Zip Trivia

Source:Zip Trivia– Narrator of the right-wing propaganda film: “Are You a Commie or a Citizen.

“This movie tells you what it takes to be a true patriotic, American. If you can’t rat out the godless commies without thinking, watch this film!”

From Zip Trivia 

“Authentic first-hand information by a man who knows. In 1939 Reverend Kenneth Goff resigned from the Communist Party and voluntarily appeared before the Dies Committee with vital documents showing Un-American activities, the aims, purposes, and methods of the Party in this country. His revelations may well have started the anti-Communist wave of protest that is sweeping America.”

Joe Stalin

Source:Amazon– A book about Russian Communist dictator Joseph Stalin. 

From Amazon

Just from the outset this looks like a Tea Party propaganda film about what it means to be a real American. And this is coming from someone who believe our form of government and economic system is the best in the world based on facts. But this guys does makes some good points about Europe which did move very Far-Left in the 1940s and 50s after World War II. Eastern Europe becoming a collection of Communist States under Soviet control. And the states west of the Slavic States were becoming or had already established social democracies in their country. Democratic Socialist States like Britain and France to use as examples.

For an anti-communist propaganda film, the guy in this film actually does a pretty good and puts some real facts on the table. And doesn’t try to go after Americans who are left of the center-left in America. People who are left of Liberals and say anyone who supported Franklin Roosevelt or Henry Wallace for president must not only be a Communist, but is Un-American and should either be locked up for that, or not allowed to live in America at all. Which is what you got in a lot of these anti-communist propaganda films from this period. Which led up to Congress launching the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Senate Investigative Committee that looked at Communists in the U.S. Government.

What the guy in this film does instead is put real facts on the table about communism and the standards of living in Communist Russia and Communist China compared with the living standards in Liberal Democratic America (sorry Conservatives) and how our standard of living was better. And the benefits of things like capitalism, private enterprise and competition. Which is a lot of what the American economic system is about. And allowing for individuals to be able to be as successful as their skills allow for them to be. Instead of having a big superstate big enough to take care of everybody.

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