Young Americans For Freedom: Video: Ronald Reagan Addresses Young Americans for Freedom in 1975

This post was originally posted at FreeStatePlus on WordPress, February, 2012

Back in this time period of 1974-75 just as then Governor Ronald Reagan was leaving the state house in California and looking into running for President in 1976, he described his politics as libertarian. His politics were very similar to Barry Goldwater. These were both “get big government out of our wallets and bedrooms” Republicans and Barry Goldwater would probably be called a Libertarian today.

Ron Paul comes the closest to Goldwater-Reagan today. Foreign policy would be where they are different and both Goldwater and Reagan believed in at least some forms of taxation as well. And would be probably be excuse the term, but this is how it is. Shitting bricks if they were alive today and saw what had happened to the GOP. If Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan were alive today, instead of seeing a party that they built a lot of it on themselves, a party that was around to fight big government.

Instead Reagan and Goldwater they would see a party that was promoting big government. Thanks to the religious and Neoconservatives and all their new big government ideas. With their borrow and spend fiscal policy of the last decade. Pushing things like a constitutional amendment to outlaw same-sex marriage. Marriage are you kidding me, states rights getting kicked out of the house on that one. Moving to outlaw condoms, birth control, pornography, heavy metal music, gays and women in the military. And this is why we have a Libertarian Party today and why Republicans have left the LP. Also because of some of the big government progressivism in the Democratic Party.

As we are getting younger and more tolerant as a country, we are getting more liberal to libertarian. Which is something that only the Far Right doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to accept. Perhaps what they are thinking is if they ever get back in power, they’ll outlaw some of these things in law. Meaning if the country believes in these things, they’ll never allow it to become law. Take a look at Egypt and Syria to use as examples. But these things aren’t going to happen, because the Far-Right will probably not get back into power in the Federal Government. Meaning running all of it, with the new changing demographics, the adults need to step up in the GOP and recognize these changing demographics and move in these directions, to save the GOP.

Because of the Far-Right, Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan couldn’t get elected nationally by the GOP today. They would both be treated like Ron Paul. Sort of like how Mitt Romney is treated like George H.W. Bush. Who would’ve fit in very well in the Republican Party 20-30 years ago, even forty years ago. For the Republican Party to stay a major political party in American politics going forward, the adults in the party need to step up and take control of the party. Take it away from the Far-Right, kick out the Theocrats and Neoconservatives. And bring back Independents and Libertarians who like their economic policies. Otherwise the GOP will go down as a Far-Right third-party.
Ronald Reagan

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