Liberty Pen: Brendan O’Neill- ‘Political Correct Bigotry’

Brendan O'Neill - Political Correct Bigotry

Source:Liberty Pen– Is this kid saying no to political correctness, or is how pointing it out?

Source:The New Democrat 

“British columnist Brendan O’Neil explains the intended and unintended consequences of the sugar-coated tyranny we call political correctness.

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Source:Liberty Pen– Brendan O’Neill on Twitter

Brendan O’Neill is right in the sense that racial and a certain form of racism has come back into style, but both on the Right and Left. We have a President of the United States who is now openly racist towards minorities that criticize him, with his political party either backing up everything that he says, or denying that his racism is racism. And then you have people on the Left of all races and ethnicities who openly bash Caucasians and Caucasian men, who if those attacks were against any minority group, the people saying those things would automatically be labeled as racists or bigots.

Back in the 1990s which now seems like over 20 years ago, ( ha, ha ) we as a country and society where race and ethnicity actually started not mattering, where people of all races were not being judged by their race and ethnicity, where Americans even minorities didn’t feel the need to identity themselves by the things that’s most physically most obvious about them other than their gender, which is their race and ethnicity.

In the 1990s we had our affirmative action debates and other debates about poverty and the role of government, but we weren’t debating who were the real Americans with people on the Right ( especially the Far-Right ) claiming that European-Americans were the only real Americans. And everyone else including Europeans who weren’t Protestant and Northern European, like Italians and Jews, and even Irish-Catholics, weren’t real Americans. With only Anglo-Saxon Protestants being the real Americans.

With the Far-Left saying that European-Americans are essentially all bigots and bad people, who don’t understand what it’s like to be African, Latino, Asian, or Middle Eastern in America. And the only good Europeans in America were on the Left and from Northeaster and West Coast background as far as how they grew up and went to those schools, where they learned how to become good people.

I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland in the 1980s and 90s and went to one of the most diverse high schools that you could ever imagine where there certainly wasn’t a majority ethnicity in that school and perhaps not even a majority race. Where we were all considered to be people and individuals, as well as students, but not as members of this race or this ethnicity. Bethesda Chevy Chase High School just outside of Washington, in a lot of ways represents Dr. Martin L. King’s dream where all of his children would’ve been judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.

And we’re now at a point in the country thanks to the Far-Right and Far-Left where race and ethnicity now matters. Where it can be a real problem for you as a minority to be a Republican. Both from the Far-Right of the party, but from partisans from your own community who see you as a sellout and believe that you’re now one of them. ( Meaning part of enemy )

And if you’re a Democrat who is of European background, you’ll have Far-Leftists who think your race and ethnicity not only matters, but is a problem for them. Who don’t want to see you win this election or be appointed to that office, simply because those positions already have a lot of people from your race serving in those positions. We’re seeing that in the Democratic Party presidential primaries, where a big problem that the Far-Left of the party has with Vice President Joe Biden, is that he’s Caucasian and male, as well as 76 years old.

I’m from the John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin King school of America who believes not just in liberal democracy, but pluralism as well. That believes that we don’t judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Anyone can say that they’re colorblind, or race blind, ethnic blind, or gender blind. Which is a silly thing to say, because none of us are and that’s not the point or question anyway. The point or question is do we judge people by their race, ethnicity, or gender, or do we judge them by the content of their character and as individuals. If you believe in the great melting pot known as America, then you’re a pluralist who sees people as individuals and judges them accordingly. Not by the color of their skin and what racial or ethnic group that they’re a member of.

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