Warner Brothers: The Getaway (1972) Starring Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw

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Source:Warner Brothers– The Getaway; starring Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw

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“The Getaway, an Appreciation – Criminal Element Criminal Element The Getaway (1972)

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Source:Warner Brothers– Steve McQueen: starring as Doc McCoy.

“Steve McQueen (The Great Escape) and Ali MacGraw (Love Story) are at their finest as husband and wife thieves on the run in this classic Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch, Straw Dogs) action-thriller. The sizzling screenplay by Walter Hill is based on a novel by pulp legend Jim Thompson (The Grifters, After Dark, My Sweet). The Getaway was a box-office hit at the time of its release in 1972, hitting #5 for the year! Later remade with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger.”

From Warner Brothers

I watched the TCM version of this great, classic film last night for preparation for this post and Ben Mankiewicz the way he introduced the movie was spot on: he said that in this movie, you’re going to to end up rooting for Doc McCoy ( played by Steve McQueen ) and his wife ( played by Ali MacGraw ). Even though everyone in the film is either a career criminal or corrupt public official. This is not one of those cops and robbers films where the good guys are clearly good and the bad guys are clearly bad.

They’re all Devils in The Getaway at least in the sense that they all break the law for a living. The only difference between Doc and his wife is that they rob a bank in order to get Doc out of prison and then keep them out of prison. And then everyone turns on each other to not get their share of the money, but get to get the whole pot of money.

I just gave you the plot, but if you want more info you can watch the movie yourself or I’ll give it to you. Doc McCoy, is a career bank robber who is doing time in Texas for an armed robbery. He has a good record in prison, but is denied parole, because he won’t perform the bank robbery. His wife wants him out of prison ( naturally ) and tells the corrupt parole board member ( played by Ben Johnson ) that if you let Doc out, he’ll organize and run the bank robbery for him and that she’ll also bang him. ( To put it bluntly ) Doc, knows about the bank job, but isn’t filled in until later on until after they break away from the guy running the show that his wife banged the guy to get him out of prison.

If you like high-powered action movies with car chases, shootout and even a lot of violence, as well as beautiful, sexy women who are also as cute as button like Ali MacGraw, who at times comes off as a little girl, because she so sweet in the movie and then Sally Strothers who is literally one of the cutest and most immature Hollywood Babydoll’s ever, who has an important guest appearance in the movie, you’ll like The Getaway a lot. It also has a lot great humor and funny people in it as well.

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