Dan Mitchell: ‘An Emerging Anti-Socialist Wing of The Democratic Party?’

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“Since I’m a policy economist, I rarely comment on political matters.

But I am worried that the Democratic Party is veering too far to the left. Bernie Sanders, an out-of-the-closet socialist is leading the way, followed closely by other leading Democrats with hard-left policy agendas, such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

But not every 2020 candidate is hopping on the socialism bandwagon. Some of the major candidates, such as Joe Biden, have avoided saying anything favorable about socialism.

And two of the candidates have explicitly rejected the poisonous ideology.

Interestingly, they’re both from Colorado.

CNN reports that the former governor, John Hickenlooper. received a very hostile reception when he rejected socialism.”

Read the rest of Dan Mitchell’s piece at International Liberty

John Hickenlooper_ Meet the 2020 Candidate I Fortune

Source:Fortune Magazine– Meet another governor that almost no one has never heard of.

“He’s the former Governor of Colorado.”

From Fortune Magazine

Dan Mitchell is right here, but for obvious reasons: the only evidence that you need to know that not all Democrats and not even a majority and probably more like a small minority of Democrats haven’t all moved to Cuba, Venezuela, Scandinavia ideologically, mentally, and culturally is that Joe Biden is the clear frontrunner right now. When you’re getting 30-40 of all Democratic support right now and you are running for President, you know that the Democratic Party isn’t a socialist party yet. Why, for the obvious reasons that Joe Biden is not a Socialist and never has been.

If you look at the top 5-10 Democratic presidential candidates right now as far as their support, really only Senator Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren are the Socialists running for President. Bernie, being an out-of-the-closet Socialist ( as Dan Mitchell says ) and damn proud of it. With Liz Warren, being a trapped in the closet Socialist who believes in and proposes the exact same policies as Bernie except for a complete government takeover of the health insurance system, but they essentially believe in the same things ideologically.

Bernie and Liz,  would be part of the Center-Left in Europe, but the only problem that they have is that they are running for President of the United States and they are part of the Far-Left here. And the other problem that they have is that they’re both running for and competing for the same voters in the Democratic Party. Whether 20-30% of the Democratic Party are now Socialists, that alone is not enough to win the Democratic nomination and when you have two candidates cancelling each other out because they’re going for the same voters, that makes it even more difficult for even of them to emerge and get beyond the Far-Left of the party.

The reasons why Vice President Biden is doing so well right now, is because you still have a strong Center-Left of the party that still dominates the leadership of the party. Which Joe Biden has been part of his entire political career. And most if not all Democrats ( even if they’re Socialists with Che Guevara t-shirts in the hearts ) want to win in 2020 and are smart enough to know that a Socialist doesn’t win back Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida even against President Donald Trump. And a Socialist wouldn’t even be able to compete with President Trump in North Carolina, Texas, or Arizona. All states except for perhaps Texas where a Joe Biden could compete and perhaps even beat President Trump in.

As far as John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennett, both 2020 presidential candidates: they’re both part of the Center-Left ( the real Progressive Democrats ) wing of the Democratic Party that Joe Biden is running away with right now. And it’s good to see that they’re not Socialists either, ( as if the jury never came back on that ) but they’re probably room for only one Joe Biden type of Center-Left presidential candidate in the party right now, which would explain why he’s currently running away with the polls right now.




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