Reason Magazine: ‘Why Bernie Sanders Communist Misadventures Still Matter’

Why Bernie Sanders Communists Misadventures Still Matter - Google Search

Source:Reason Magazine– Bernie Sanders, hasn’t always looked like someone’s grandfather. LOL

Source:The New Democrat 

“Sanders no longer favors government takeover of “the major means of production.” But his four-decade quest for political revolution continues.”

From Reason Magazine

Perhaps we can file Bernie Sanders even further Far-Leftist leanings back in the 1970s and 1980s as being young and stupid. And like a lot of people from his generation, perhaps he was someone who hadn’t recovered from the 1960s yet emotionally and mentally. And to be completely honest here, ( for a change, LOL ) who isn’t stupid when they are young and then once we get some real world experience, we become smarter ( if we have a brain and are capable of learning ) and who would want to be judged by how dumb they were as a young adult when they are middle age or in Bernie’s case a senior citizen now.

Another way to look at Bernie Sanders flirtation with state socialism ( if you want to call it that and not communism ) is that no one can run away from their record. ( Don’t believe me, ask Donald Trump ) And we’re always accountable for everything that we do and say no matter how long we live and how much we change. So it’s one thing for someone to say that their views changed and as they got more information and facts But that begs the questions: why did that person change their views and what have they learned. As well as why did they believe what they believed when they were younger.

I’m not saying that Bernie Sanders is a State-Socialist or a Communist today. I’m also not saying that Bernie is a Eugene Debbs Socialist where he wants the national government to run and manage the entire economy, but where personal freedom would be vast and we could even own our own personal property like our homes and perhaps small businesses. He’s been in Congress since 1991 and at least since he’s been in the Senate since 2007, today he’s a Democratic Socialist at least as far as his Congressional record in the Senate at least and his current positions and proposals. But your record is exactly that and similar to your brain, it’s not something that you can really ever run away from and is something that Democratic voters at least will be able to use to judge whether Bernie Sanders should be their presidential nominee or not.

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