Notes On Liberty- Opinion- Fred Foldvary- Natural Rights and Taxation

Natural Rights

Source: Notes on Liberty- Opinion- Fred Foldvary- Natural Rights and Taxation

Natural rights and taxation. They go hand in hand. We all have the freedom to be ourselves and live our own lives, makes our own beds, but then have to live in the beds that we makes for ourselves. Or build a different bed. That is called personal freedom and responsibility. Taxes by themselves, don’t go against freedom. They’re simply fees that we all pay for the government that we each consume. Can taxes be too high and discourage economic and personal freedom and can government be wasteful, of course. But that is what liberal democracy is for. To to clear out that waste and bring those high taxes down.

We choose what government we get by the leaders and representatives that we elect. And if we don’t like the jobs they’re doing, we can repeal and replace them. To coin and a House Republican term from 2011. Taxes, should only fund what we need government to do and set at a rate that gives government what it needs to perform those services. With limited government comes limited taxation. So with limited government you don’t need taxes so high that it discourages personal and economic freedom. Because again you have a limited government. And a large private sector with a lot of freedom of choice in it.

So as a Liberal I want and have the freedom to live my own life the way I see fit, short of hurting any innocent. But I and every other America has the responsibility to pay for the government that we consume, but also live up to the personal responsibility of our own decisions. Natural rights to me, are the rights that we have to be ourselves. To live as individuals and not as some member of some socialist, or religious collective. Where the state decides how we should live and what we need to live well in society.
Liberty Pen: Judge Andrew Napolitano- Natural Rights

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