The Peruser: Rf Schatten- Donald Trump- The King of Terrorist Recruitments

The Donald

Source:The New Democrat

Whatever you think about Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and their presidential campaigns, they’ve both been right about the same thing the whole time they’ve run. Donald Trump, is a realty show joke and not a serious presidential candidate. The man is running for a job that he not only expects to never have, but probably doesn’t want either. A Republican presidential candidate who publicly bashes women and Latinos. You can forget about the White House doing that and would be better applying for a job to work for Rush Limbaugh, or someone like that.

The man has already said enough for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee to destroy him in the fall. With The Donald probably trying to sue Hillary and the DNC for every accurate campaign ad against him. With Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee, shitting bricks every time a new ad about The Donald appears. Which is something that today’s so-called progressive media simply doesn’t understand about the man. As they actually take him seriously. They don’t get that The Donald is simply speaking to Richard Nixon’s so-called Silent Majority. An Anglo-Saxon Protestant working class, that feel the New America has left behind. And he wants to be loved by this community.

The Donald’s narcissistic ego is so big and he wants to be loved so much by a community that has been left behind, that he’ll run for president a job he doesn’t want and knows he probably won’t win and put America’s national security at risk. Including the people he claims to love and will bash Muslims and Islam in general and say they’re aren’t welcome in America. And we should close our doors to Syrians and Mexicans, because they aren’t American enough in his pint-sized mind and world. It’s as if The Donald reads Ann Coulter’s mind, or she’s feeding him material like a parent feeds their baby and is telling him what to say. Donald Trump is a 365 day a year Christmas gift, or whatever Muslims celebrate instead of Christmas, that keeps on giving for ISIS and their ability to recruit new fighters.

Just like Senator Joe McCarthy was lucky to be an American with a First Amendment constitutional right to free speech in the 1950s, Donald Trump is lucky to have that right today. Or he would have been shut up for the sake of national security a long time ago. The man is now guest starring in ISIS films and movies and used to bring people to their organization. His presidential campaign is not real and its as if, he must be an escaped mental patient who simply doesn’t understand what the hell he’s saying and doing and failed presidential politics 101. The part that says you don’t say stuff that can devastate your campaign when you’re running. Perhaps he didn’t have the grades to get into politics 101. And Hillary and Jeb, knew this about The Donald on day one.

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