Bill Ayers: ‘Socialism, Seriously!’


Source:Haymarket Books– who’s kidding?

“Socialism, Seriously!
Memo to Bernie:
Martin Luther King, Jr. was a socialist, and so was Jane Addams, Ella Baker, Bayard Rustin, Dorothy Day, Eugene Debs, and Julian Bond.

Claim it.

King said in 1967: The US is on the wrong side of the world revolution…We need a revolution in values in order to get on the right side.
Glory in it.
Memo to Anderson Cooper: You haul out “supporting the Sandinistas” as if that’s a shameful historical mistake and a sin? Millions of us supported the national liberation movements there and around the globe because it was the morally and humanly right thing to do. In your universe is supporting imperialism, invasion and occupation, and fascist reaction what makes someone “electable?”

Who writes your shit?

American corporate journalism—institutional stenographer for power.”

Source:Bill Ayers 

“Sen. Bernie Sanders explains why he describes himself as a Democratic Socialist at the CNN Democratic Debate in Las Vegas.”

YouTube_ (Democratic Debate) Bernie Sanders explains Democratic Socialism (2015) - Google Search

Source:CNN– U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Democratic Socialist, Socialist Republic of Vermont)

From CNN

I agree with Bill Ayers (for once perhaps. Check Los Angeles for snow right now.) that Bernie Sanders should run as who is. Which is as a Socialist, a Democratic Socialist which is common in Europe, especially in Scandinavia. For a couple of reasons and not because I’m a Socialist myself, because I’m not. But for one politicians should run as who they are. That should going without saying, but if you’re familiar with American politics you that it doesn’t. But also Senator Sanders has a real audience out there. A democratic socialist base that doesn’t have the balls to call themselves what they really are, which are Democratic Socialists. Who are actually to the left of Bernie on some really key issues.

But two, America has been in decline economically really since 2000-01 and I’m not blaming anyone here, just the facts. Especially with the middle class with falling wages, a falling workforce, cost of living going up and I could go on an on. But that would just depress you and make you feel you’re back in 1979, or something. So Bernie has an audience and a limited amount of time to talk to these struggling Americans and tell them why big government socialism is good for them. Until they find out that all of these free government programs that the Senator is offering are not free at all. That Americans will probably have to pay more in payroll taxes in order to finance them. The, “I’m just going to put the costs of these programs on the backs of business’s idea.” Is going to fly as well as a plane without wings, or an engine. Even with middle class Americans who own, or run a business them self.

So of course Bernie Sanders should run as a Socialist just like a horse should run as a horse. Because that is who he is and Americans are tired of politicians trying to convince them that they are anything other than who they are. And a real person instead of a political robot would be a real fresh change of pace for the average American voter. And again Bernie even has an audience of dedicated voters who are, well dedicated to him. And think he’s, “like totally awesome, or whatever. And not only feel the Bern, but may now have sunburn as a result. But just because a politician runs as himself, which I’ll admit is real fresh in American politics, is no guarantee of getting a personal key to the White House.

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