Jack Scalia: Torch Song (1993) Starring Jack Scalia & Raquel Welch


Jack Scalia and Raquel Welch in Torch Song

Source:Jack Scalia– Raquel Welch and Jack Scalia 

Source:The Daily Press

“Paula Eastman (Raquel Welch) with an alchohol problem goes into rehab where she meets a fireman, Mike Lanahan (Jack Scalia) with similiar problems.”

Watch the video here Jack Scalia

I’ll be the first to admit: Torch Song is not a great movie. It was probably one of the last made for network TV movies, which were all but gone by the late 1990s. But Raquel Welch and Jack Scalia are great in this movie and I believe Alicia Silverstone is as well.

Raquel plays an alcoholic actress whose career is now suffering as a result. The last straw with her alcoholism and what gets her to admit it, is that her daughter not only catches her drunk one night, but catches her drunk on video tape and shows her. That is what gets Raquel’s character in alcoholic rehab where she meets a man there another alcoholic played by Jack Scalia. And they start a relationship. Even drunk, Raquel is still a hot baby-face adorable goddess who is also pretty funny.

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