Andy Snowslayer: Magnum Force (1973) ‘Excuse Me Captain: Can You Fly’: Clint Eastwood Stars

Dirty Harry _Excuse me captain, can you fly__ - Google Search (1)

Source:Andy Snowslayer– From Magnum Force: which is the 2nd movie in the Dirty Harry series.

Source:The New Democrat

“One of my favorite scenes and lines from the Dirty Harry series. To capture hijackers, Dirty Harry poses as an airline pilot. As the jet taxi, the confounded copilot says, “Excuse me captain, can you fly?”

From Andy Snowslayer

Dirty Harry _Excuse me captain, can you fly__ - Google Search

Source:COUB– “Dirty Harry “Excuse me captain, can you fly?”

On a personal note: I don’t know about you, but I’m up for another Dirty Harry marathon on Sundance or AMC, or whatever the network. Maybe because the weather is changing and the summer might be finally ending in Washington ( knock on wood ) that the Dirty Harry movies are all shot and take place in San Francisco ( perhaps the only big city in America that gets year round fall and spring ) or I just love Clint Eastwood, but it takes me back to a place when movie were just movies ( for the most part ) and were a great escape from reality. Not designed to make some political statement.

This scene to me is the perfect example of Clint Eastwood not just kicking ass, but being the master smart-ass and comedic actor that he always was. You could flip a coin as far as who is the best action/comedy actor or all-time: Burt Reynolds or Clint Eastwood. I would go with Burt because he was a funnier man, but Eastwood is in that same class of actors who could kick ass and make people laugh in the exact same scene. Probably the best ever at combing both roles as the tough guy and comedian in the same role, scene, and movie.

This is the perfect Dirty Harry scene, because why is San Francisco Police Inspector Harry Callahan called Dirty Harry, because he takes all the dirty jobs ( meaning dangerous ) that no other cop would be insane, drunk, high enough, or have the balls to do and always gets his man and successfully completes his missions. With his boss the Lieutenant always getting on his case about not following police procedure and doing it by the book. If Inspector Callahan waited for his Lieutenant’s OK on this, the plane probably either takes off with all of those hostages, or the airport is shut down with SFPD having to deal with a serious hostage crisis. So this is the perfect Dirty Harry scene.

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