Sit News: Rick Jensen- If Big Government Ordered Your Lunch

SitNews_ Column - Big Government and Fat Taxes By RICK JENSENSource:Sit News– its Big Government that needs a diet.

Source:Real Life Journal 

“(SitNews) – How much should the government fine people whose children are deemed by (some) well-meaning bureaucrats as “obese?”

$500? $800?

Senators in our friendly associated state, Puerto Rico, have been debating that very issue this week.


If you believe government certainly should be measuring your children for a “fat tax” in school because there are some unfit parents, you may want to inform your Democratic Congress Critters.”

From Sit News

This idea that a group of people centralized in one big city (even a city that I love) can direct the lives of a country of 320M people, that’s a continental nation that’s between two large oceans, is crazy.

People who I call Statists or political nannies, (whether they are female or male) have this idea that a certain lifestyle that they live, must be able to work for everyone, no matter how large the country, or how diverse it is. Because this lifestyle works for them and if you don’t conform with it, there’s something wrong with you. You are ignorant in some way, sort of how the establishment treated Hippies in the 1960s and 70s. But this type of thing is still going on today, from the Left and Right.

To be blunt about it, the Far-Left and Far Right, people who have this idea of what it means to be an American. From the right because this is how it use to be. And from the Left this is how its done in other countries, it seems to work there, so this is how we should be living as a country.

Thats not the role of government to direct how its people live. But what they can do with agencies like FDA is inform Americans on the dangers and benefits of doing this, or that. Put out all the credible info available, but not try to force people to live that way. Because they know that they can’t. The War on Drugs, or organized gambling, are excellent examples of this. And then to make suggestions on what activities are healthy and what aren’t and what are the benefits and minus’ of doing such activities. Suggesting that people eat balance diets and exercise everyday, knowing that they can’t force people to do those things.

And this is what alcohol, tobacco and I would add marijuana can do to you, instead of trying to outlaw those things and trying to protect people from themselves. The United States is simply too large and vast of a country for an elite group in Washington, or anywhere else to try to control a country that is this large. But what it can do, is inform people on what activities are healthy and unhealthy in life and make suggestions. About certain things in what Americans should do with their lives based on credible research not ideology.

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