The North Star: M. Harlan Hoke- Regime Change: Ditch The Green Party for Socialist Campaigns


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Source:The New Democrat

I started blogging about this four years ago when Occupy Wall Street came out and argued that how about the so-called Progressives in America like the Progressive Caucus in the Democratic Party, combined with the Green Party and the Democratic Socialist Party, all came together and formed one Democratic Socialist Party. The Green Party is already the first, or second largest third-party in America. Competing right now with the Libertarian Party. (For that coveted prize) You take the Bernie Sanders coalition in and outside of the Democratic Party, the Progressive Caucus in Congress and the Jill Stein supporters in the Green Party and might have a party big enough to at least get in the presidential debates. Get on most of the ballots of most of the states in the country.

I believe right now the reason why we don’t have more lets say New-Left, (to be nice) or Far-Left (to be real) members of Congress in either the House, or Senate at the state and local levels in office, is because they are so spread out. You have 4-5 at least social democratic parties in America who aren’t Marxist and they tend to believe in the same things and yet they end up running against each other in different campaigns. As well trying to run a credible campaign against the Democrat and Republican that they have to beat to win that office. Instead of having all of these Social Democrats run against each other in the general election, run against each other in Democratic Socialist, or Social Democratic primary instead. And have one person with one larger party behind them to take on the Democrat and Republicans.

Democratic socialism, is at its highest peak in popularity really since at least the New Deal era and the 1940s. Why not take advantage of that which is what I would be asking my fellow Democratic Socialists and Social Democrats, if I was one of them and not a Liberal instead. How about one Bernie Sanders, or Jill Stein running for president instead of having two people who agree on most of the issues running against each other. And the same thing with Congressional races and state government races and everything else. That way you combine all your resources from a large group of small contributors and social democratic business people. To take on the Democrat and the Republican instead of essentially running against yourself while trying to beat the Democrat and Republican and perhaps a Libertarian who emerges, all at the same time.
ENAA: Should Socialists Support Bernie Sanders?

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