Sargon of Akkad: ‘Illiberal Progressives’

Sargon of Akkad

Source: Sargon of Akkad– New-Leftists, believe in Marx, not God. 

Source:The New Democrat 

“The modern progressive movement is, in most ways, directly opposed to the classical liberalism of the Enlightenment.

Despite this, progressives are happy to allow people to call them liberals because of the fine reputation of liberalism.

Cultural Libertarians:Breitbart.”

From Sargon of Akkad 

I said before and Black Lives Matter is a perfect example of this that Bernie Sanders is the moderate of the New-Left. Again Bernie Sanders, self-described Democratic Socialist who lives up to all the principles of democratic socialism including even Freedom of Speech. What were these Black Lives Matter protesters doing? Trying to shut up Democratic Socialist Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders from speaking.

One thing that Liberals and Democratic Socialists have in common that we don’t have in common with Marxists and other collectivists both Far-Left and Far-Right is that we believe in free speech. If you don’t believe in free speech, you’re not a Liberal. It would be like someone who says they’re conservative even though they are anti-capitalist and Freedom of Religion.

I would also argue that today’s so-called Progressives who are really the children of the 1960s New-Left, as well as alive back then and part of that movement are not very progressive. You need to believe in progress and advancing progress and policies that accomplish progressive goals in order to be a Progressive.

When you try to limit free speech in America and even limit the free speech of people who are already on your side like a Bernie Sanders whose a Democratic Socialist, you’re not creating progress there. What you’re doing is regressing and choosing to do so. You’re saying free speech is bad, because it means that you might hear things that you do don’t want to listen to.

Free speech is exactly that: it means that everyone gets to express themselves and speak freely. But that we are part of a community and it might mean hearing things we don’t like.

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