Newsmax: The Hard Line With Ed Berliner- Telling it Like it is About American Voters

Ed Berliner

Source:Newsmax– The Hard Line with Ed Berliner: not exactly the most creative name for a talk show. Of course I guess that’s more creative than The Ed Berliner show, but what isn’t? 

Source:The New Democrat

“With the second GOP debate on the doorstep, Hard Line host Ed Berliner calls for the American voter to stop being so incredibly stupid and start paying some real attention to the issues at hand.”

Watch Ed Berliner here Newsmax

Wow! That is my far the most important and meaningful thing that I’ve ever heard from Newsmax. Other than their documentaries which are actually pretty interesting. There is not a single thing that I disagreed with on Ed Berliner there. He went right after the American voter and put the blame squarely on where it should be which is the American voter. If you don’t like corrupt politicians and candidates, don’t freakin vote for them! And that is as nice as I can be on that. If you’re not smart enough to keep up with what politicians do and what they say and to check up on their records, or you don’t think you have the time, or you don’t think that voting is awesome or whatever and just for nerds or people like that, don’t waste your time and the people’s time by voting.

American politics and American politicians can only be as good as the people that they are supposed to represent. Even corrupt candidates and politicians have to get elected to hold office or hold onto office. Which means voters hold most of the power here and get to decide who represents them. You have a smart educated voting class who do their homework and knows who is for real and who is telling them what they want to hear and the good people will get elected and reelected and the crooks and phonies will have to find real jobs and have to earn those jobs. Like selling used cars, or investing in real estate, or creating so-called reality TV shows. Actually those jobs are real jobs compared with serving in Congress, running political campaigns.

The only reason why someone like a Donald Trump who is a one-man reality show called Who Wants Donald Trump to be President can even get as far as he is now before he crashes and burns like one his bankrupt companies is because we have a voting class in America who are simply looking for people to tell them what they want to hear. And don’t bother to research if what they are saying now comes anywhere close to what they’ve said in the past. The Donald Trump of 2015 ideologically is nothing like the Donald Trump of 2008.

The Donald in 2008 was actually fairly centrist and was probably even a Democrat if not Independent. Who voted for Bill Clinton and supported Planned Parenthood. But his so-called supporters probably don’t know that. Because that would require doing something other than listening to soundbites, political commercials and watching speeches. We only get better politicians and politics with better voters who do their homework and vote accordingly. And we don’t have that right now. Instead we have people who are looking for the next hot candidate who looks like they’re from Hollywood, or who’ll tell them what they want to hear.

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2 Responses to Newsmax: The Hard Line With Ed Berliner- Telling it Like it is About American Voters

  1. Roy Harrington says:

    Ed Berliner you are beginning to sound like all the left wing media accusing Trump voters of being uninformed. Those acccusations would apply much more to Clinton or Sanders voters for certain. I would also like to mention that youhave been allowing your panelists on the Hard Line run all over you. Again when it involves the liberals or Cruz supporters attacking Trump. How about a little balance sir.

  2. Melvin Jenkins says:

    Hello Ed Berliner, I do not know if you remember me, my name is Melvin Jenkins and my wife name is Merlean. I work on your dad’s TV. How is your dad and mom, and how are you doing? Please say hello to your parents for me.

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