Eagle Forum: Phyllis Schlafly- Governor Paul LePage Requires Work for Food Stamps

Paul LePage
Eagle Forum: Phyllis Schlafly- Governor Paul LePage Requires Work for Food Stamps

I have no problem with requiring anyone who receives public assistance to have to look for work, take jobs they’re qualified for and even finish and further their education while they’re receiving taxpayer assistance to pay their bills. America is not Sweden, obviously. We’re a much more diverse country. Politically, culturally, ethnically, racially, national character. A much larger country and everything else. Sweden, does a lot of things well, but America is a country where you’re supposed to do as much for yourself as possible. And then government can help you out when and if you come up short.

But America is not a country where you can be expected to not only not work, but not even look for work. Even if you didn’t finish high school and decided to have kids before you were ready to raise them. Now, we’ll help you when you need it in order to get by and won’t force you to go without. But you can’t just take that assistance and sit at home and say, “I don’t have an education and I can’t get a good job. I have this public assistance coming in for me and my family. Plus private charity, so I don’t need to look for work.” Public assistance should instead be seen as a public investment in human capital.

That we help people who are down help themselves get themselves up and living in some type of freedom. Where they’re able to take care of themselves and their kids on their own. Which does several positive things and helps the economy in several ways. People in need get the assistance that they need and spend that money which goes right into the economy. But they’re also finishing their education, they’re getting themselves a good job, a good home and now have the freedom to take care of themselves and their families. Which means fewer people on public assistance and more Americans in the middle class and even doing better.

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