John Birch Society: Robin Kinderman- ‘Millennials Ushering in The Age of Socialism’

Millennials Ushering in The Age of Socialism - Google Search (1)

Source:John Birch Society– Robin Kinderman: for a JBS spokesperson, she sounds very rational. LOL

Source:The New Democrat 

“Thanks to the Great Recession of 2008 and a lack of proper education, Millennial’s financial status has them voting in favor of Socialism. Will they wake up and see it’s one of the greatest threats to America today? Find out in this episode of Straight Talk!”

From John Birch Society

Millennials Ushering in The Age of Socialism - Google Search

Source:Charlotte Observer– “OMG, Bernie Sanders is, awesome!!!” LOL

I guess I have a different take here even though I agree with Robin Kinderman that the Great Recession and leftist politicians ( shall we call them ) coming around and promising them all sorts of so-called free stuff to help them get by, is why a lot of Millennials support of socialism. But even if you grant all of that you would have to forget about another possibility of why Millennials say they support socialism and not consider that there might be social and cultural reasons why some Millennials at least say they support socialism.

Every young generation at least since the TV age has had some love affair with socialism, at least until they enter their 30s and grow up: get a good job, get married, have kids, buy their first home, etc. And then that love affair for socialism goes away once they start paying taxes and having other bills to pay, and then realize that they can now support themselves and decide that they’re making a good living now and can pay their own way, don’t need government taking care of them, and ask why should they be paying so much in taxes, if they don’t need those government services.

Socialism was popular with young Baby Boomers and then the 1980s comes around with the economic boom from that decade, as well Boomers are already grown up by then and now have kids, with their own homes, making a good living, and no longer want socialism simply because they don’t believe that they need it. My Generation X, has never had any love affair for socialism for the most part, because we grew up during great economic times for the most part and have decided that we don’t want it for the most part. Millennials, are different because a lot of them grew up, or just out of college during the Great Recession and socialism is more appealing to them which is why a politician like Bernie Sanders ( a self-described Democratic Socialist ) has so much appeal for them.

But the economy and whatever current economic times the country might be going through are not the only reasons why some people might fall in love with socialism: as I mentioned earlier, Millennials today say they like socialism and Socialists, because Socialists are cool. So much about being a Millennial is being cool; having all the designer clothes, all the gadgets, following the right celebrities, TV programs, movies, entertainment in general, and following Socialists, because of all the political factions in America, Socialists are always the coolest. Which is why so many so-called Hollywood Leftists, claim to either be Socialists themselves ( even though they’re some of the richest people in America and at least love capitalism privately and are actually Liberal Democrats or Conservatives politically, at least as far as how they personally live and not Socialists ) or back Socialists, because they always want to be cool ( or awesome ) themselves.

I don’t think you’ll ever convince me that Millennials actually love socialism as an ideology and actually believe in everything that comes from the socialist philosophy: all the high taxes, regulations, restrictions on personal wealth and freedom in general, centralization of governmental power and all the government in general. Maybe when they’re in their 40s and still claiming to be Socialists and are living on communes and are no longer personally subsidizing Americans capitalism with their real love affairs for new technology, celebrity culture, coffee houses, designer clothing, and just live off what they personally make and share their own wealth, then maybe I’ll start taking them seriously as Socialists, who actually support the socialist philosophy and not just looking to be part of some social fad and bandwagon.

I mean seriously, if you did a national poll and the only people you polled were Millennials and asked them would you give up all your gadgets, coffee houses, stopped favorite celebrities, reality TV, social media, Hollywood, and designer clothing, in order to defeat and end American capitalism: how many would even say they would do that, let alone actually do that? I doubt many would at least actually give up all if any of their favorite American capitalist hobbies and activities just to defeat American capitalism. At the end of the day, Millennials love American capitalism too. Perhaps not as mush as Professor Milton Friedman, but they love American capitalism and not socialism. Just look at their own personal spending habits and lifestyles.

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